UPDATE: Tania Christopher is cut! Jessica was B2.

After the tragic cut of jazzy Jantine Mak when she found herself in the Bottom 2 with Sim'Ran, the remaining 10 contestants will fight harder than ever to stay! With "Hollywood" as the theme, there's no doubt that it will be hard to nail it tonight! Who will face elimination tonight? .... It's time to face the music!

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The third live show and what a theme for this week, Hollywood ... How will the finalists bring their own glamour and personality into this week’s show? Will it be “over the top” like the real Hollywood often is? In the week running up to this show, the remaining finalists were sent to media training with Peter v/d Vorst, Carlo and Irene, Edwin Smulders and Sasha Visser. These top reporters and paparazzo photographers gave the finalists some great advice on how to handle all the attention from the different media now that they are on the verge of breaking through. Last week the competition between the coaches/judges heated up, who each want to see their own "pupils" make it to the final, and we heard them be more critical then in the weeks before. So what’s it gonna be this week: Hollywood or Bollywood ...

Jessica Mougin


0909-1301. Of sms JESSICA naar 3131 "Like a virgin" (Madonna) - 6/10 - Oh no! Not this song! What the hell was Ed thinking when he picked this song for her? This is not good. Her voice sounds all over the place and that little moans seem so forced and are almost painful to listen to. The only good part was the Billie Jean verses, which actually showed what she can do, but Madonna? She can't sing thos types of songs. - VIDEO.

Stacey: “Before you started we were all watching the intro and we heard several times that people think you’re too young which must be unsettling right before you have to perform, but I think that you’re never too young as long as you really want it! I’m sure you want it because I can see you have the passion, commitment and motivation. This version of the song, with a phat beat was really cool, but vocally I thought you were better last week when your singing was more colorful and a bit neater.”
Angela: “It’s been said often that you’re really young but you’re up there for a reason. I think this version of the song was made for you, well done Erik. Where you can still improve is the way you move on stage and feel confident about it. I really enjoyed this performance.”
Gordon: “You know Jess, you’re immaturity was accentuated today by putting you up there with 4 sexy dancers which made you stick out like a sore thumb, yet I don’t believe it SHOULD be a problem. I think you’re more Idols then X Faxtor because with X Factor you need all the assets: a great voice, sex appeal, the swagger and that’s why I see you more as an idol for young girls. Your voice isn’t mature yet, like Stace said, a bit thin or colorless and I found your performances in the theatre rounds much better then today, in this bubble gum-like song.”
Ed van Tijn: “I totally disagree with you Gordon, I think today’s performance did suit her and she sung it with ease and conviction. Also I believe that there’s more to you than just an idol, you’ve got the swagger and you did fantastic today, well done honey.”
Wendy:”She’s really got the X Factor right?”
Ed van Tijn:”Yeah she’s definitely got the X Factor!”

Tim Suyderhoud


0909-1302. Of sms TIM naar 3131 "Over the Rainbow" (Judy Garland) - 7,5/10 - In an attempt to step away from boring song choices, Tim, well Gordon, picked "Over the Rainbow". Major fail. Classic uqelele arrengment ala Jason Castro? Why not! I like how this is sounding vocally. Tim has a nice soft tone, it's very pleasant indeed. But this performance lacks something. He looks lost on stage, maybe a stool would've been better. But not that bad overall, not unique still. - VIDEO.

Ed van Tijn: “Well Tim, eeeuuhh, look you’ve got one massive asset and that is your looks, and that’s great. I also know you’re a very likeable, easy going and friendly guy so that’s all good. You’re singing today, the first section wasn’t that good but luckily after that there was a section with high notes which you hit perfectly. So I think that Gordon should not let you sing low key anymore, specially at the start of the song because you can really hear the nervousness in your voice.”
Stacey: “Indeed at the start there were some false notes which is a real shame because we all know you can sing in that low key. Still you have nothing to worry about really, you have a horde of fans which support you fanatically! The song was an okay choice but the execution was debatable. The song suited you though in my opinion.”
Angela: “Shall I tell you something Tim, I hear improvements, I hear progress and think that your voice is maturing each week. I want to stress this once again, if you’re in that transition of your voice maturing, it’s really difficult to sing on key at different octaves. There was certainly a difference in quality between the start and ending of the song but I can hear you’re getting there and look at you
up there………there’s no need to worry about you really, is there!”
Gordon: “I think it’s really good to hear Angela say that she’s hearing the progress because you are really moving forward and working hard at it. She’s also right in saying that you’re voice is, well a work in progress shall we say, but sounds amazing anyway. What I really love is that you yourself came to me with this song, one of the most beautiful songs there is, which has been done in 100,000 different versions, and I think you performed it really well today.”



0909-1303. Of sms ADLICIOUS naar 3131 "Free Your Mind" (En Vogue) - 10/10 - I guess I'll shall confess it by now. Adlicious are my favourite act this year. They are fun, have great voices and always bring something new. And once more, they continue to impress me! Amazing vocals from all the members! I must say that Shirley is my favourite, she seems really nice and her voice is flawless. Jordy and Lasie are also amazing. But what's great about them is the attitude, the swagger they've! I can really see them winning now! I'm backing this three to the end! - VIDEO.

Gordon: “Wow Adlicious, after a difficult week ... (audience drowns out Gordon) Okay let me start of by saying you guys look amazing! Styling is fabulous, hold on to that because this could be the look for Adlicious ... I think it’s tha bomb. Down side to this song is that it starts to irritate the hell out of me after 1 minute and I really really hate this song. The way you delivered this song, your trained voices, it was great. Watch out though that your performances don’t get “over” polished and show some heart which you’ve given us before. It was perfectly executed but lacked the real heart and soul we’ve seen before.”
Ed van Tijn: “It started of fantastically and all three of you sung flawlessly but then it just repeated itself over and over and I thought you were really gone blow me away with this song and at the end you tried to put something extra in. I thought the start was fantastic but the end was poor.”
Stacey: “I have a lot of respect for people who don’t give a damn about what people think of them, you know just do their own thing and think, fuck it.You really look glamorous, Shirley a lot of women couldn’t look that ordinary but you pull it off with class! You Jordy, a man with make-up, hello that really provokes a reaction and that is why people really respond to your performances because you look the part and sound the part too. Respect to you because you all do your thing and don’t care what the world thinks, well done.”
Angela: “It’s a great experience to be your coach because you guys never play it safe. This week yet again a non commercial song, the make-up Jordy’s got on……..you guys came and asked me if the people would get it at home but the thing is that it really doesn’t matter to us if they get it, we just want to show something, Adelicious at their best, doing what they do best! It’s amazing to see what shows lie ahead for you guys because the bookings for after X Factor are piling up already because we have a new world class group here in Holland, guys I’m lucky to be coaching you!!”

Pyke Pos


0909-1304. Of sms PYKE naar 3131 "I Feel Good (I Got You)" (James Brown) - 8,5/10 - Mmm ... This is really interesting. It's wierd that he came running from that far, it took him a lot of time to get to the stage. I'm really digging this performance. Pyke is bringing a more powerful side here, not the good jazzy guy. I prefer the second part though, when he started singing "It's a Man's World", which was actually more centred on his voice and not on his energy. He seemed to be lacking air too, though I'd say that was the long run! - VIDEO.

Angela: “When you’re going to sing something by an icon like James Brown you really taking a risk but you’ve showed us you’re up to the task.”
Gordon: “Pyke I’m so glad that this was better than the rehearsals yesterday because I was really worried after hearing you on thursday. The problem is that your voice starts to fade out in volume once the notes get higher so you get louder….(Gordon squeals like cat pretending to sound like Pyke) It was a lot better today but still we’ve recently heard a new artist here in Holland, Waylon, do his version of a man’s world, which was sensational. So it was always risky and even a little cocky to do this song so soon. You had to put your own stamp on it but I think you’ve failed doing just that.”
Ed van Tijn: “It is obvious to us all that you’re a great singer but I think this mash up song, well I would’ve changed the order around and finish with I feel good. The performance collapsed a little and to compensate you start to sing very loudly which takes away from the quality of your sound. The start of the performance was fantastic and by the looks of it, a lot of fun with the dancers and all, but the ending was just an arrangement of shouting which didn’t really do it for me.”
Stacey: “What a nonsense, Pyke I would by all 7 albums because of your sweet voice……… Not everything has to be over the top, I think you’re a great musician and performer, you’re gifted, a true artist.”

Rochelle Perts


0909-1305. Of sms ROCHELLE naar 3131 "Price Tag" (Jessie J) - 10/10 - I love that the curls are back! This is the perfect song for Rochelle. Jessie J is a great singer and her style totally fits Rochelle. Great acoustic start and of course, amazing vocals! The rappy full of swagger girl we first saw at the auditions is back! This is her best performance by miles. She's also showing some melismatic tendencies that Jessie uses a lot, so I hope she pushes that more. Best of the night? Probably. - VIDEO.

Stacey: “Rochelle, wow, you look amazing, that styling fits you magnificently, sooo Hollywood! The way you move on stage and make it your own, your expressions and the way you deliver the song is brilliant but on a side note I thought this was the least of your performances thus far.”
Angela: “Well Rochelle I’ll start by saying that that was another extraordinary performance . First of all you’ve got your curls back, which I love and secondly you bring a certain attitude to the song which was great. Don’t worry too much about the media training because I know you’ll get the hang of it.”Just a small criticism and maybe it was because of the live guitar, I don’t know for sure, but
your timing was off just a little here and there. Usually you’re on the money but today I missed that. Apart from that it was great, I’m really become a fan!”
Gordon: “It was very difficult to start such a song acoustically, my respect for doing such a good job of it and I’ll have to give credit to Erik for thinking of it, with the bass kicking in later, it was excellent. You did a perfect job today and I watched last week’s show again where at the end of your performance you were pretty false on some parts. We were pretty enthusiastic last week but I have to say that today I thought you were better. I don’t know……..I wanted to hear a different song from you today, powerbalads maybe, something like Alicia Keys!”
Ed van Tijn: “You can think that Gordon but you should recognize what´s happening here. There´s a new rising superstar stood before us and everybody´s starting to get to grips with her amazing talent, which is only getting better. You move and sing with an amazing confidence which is why we love you.”



0909-1306. Of sms SWAY naar 3131 "Dreamgirls Mashup (Diana Ross) - 9/10 - I hate this movie and so the songs. It's just too cheesy for me. But I'm actually impressed with this! They're delivering amazing vocals, much better from everything I've seen before. I now see why Marcel likes them! They are three cute girls with amazing vocals. Plus they've beautiful harmonies! I want them to go far!- VIDEO.

Gordon: “Ohhh girls, I wanted to get up on stage to sing with you………fantastic! Sway, this is repertoire I want to see from you. Last week was a bit too quaint, although it was very well done, but today your harmony was fantastic, you three girls sound so good together. Beautiful………you know I´m starting to wonder who is the best group because this performance was spectacularly good”
Ed van Tijn: “I totally agree with Gordon because this was, by far, the best performance till now. AND all of a sudden, in my opinion, you´ve popped out as the best group.”
Stacey: “Wow, haha you girls looked shocked by that comment……. Praise to Gerald and his team for the choreography. Together you´ve been able to put down sort of a mini musical which, well, you´ve got to love that sort of thing and I must admit that I'm a fan starting today. It was a world class performance today!”
Angela: “Girls don´t let the guys comments go to your head because it´s probably tactics on their part…… You´re such lovely girls and you know what? When I look at you I think of the Dolly Dots (which Angela was in herself) we were also 19 when we started being successful but you girls are much better singers than us, I have to be honest about that. I don´t mind admitting to that and, like we did, I wish you girls the same success and recognition because you work very hard and now we can see the result, it was brilliant and you can be proud!”

Rolf Wienk


0909-1307. Of sms ROLF naar 3131 "Circle of Life" (Elton John) - 7/10 - What we've here is another case of awful song choice. I don't want to hear a good singer performing the Lion King song, I'll never pay for that! The start was really bad, lots of bum notes and I think he never picked it up since there. The chorus part wa also wierd, why they were sitting with the audience? Oh! Maybe it was spontaneous. I've hopes for Rolf, I know he's a much better singer, but please, no more Disney Songs. - VIDEO.

Ed van Tijn: “I am, unlike the rest of the audience, sorta sensing, not that impressed by this performance. I do think you sung it well, but I still think it´s not engaging enough. There was a part in the song where you were really in the moment and hit me but for the most part it was a bit plain.The choir didn´t really add anything to the performance either.”
Stacey: “Sometimes I get the idea that i´m missing something in you as a performer and the choir, although a nice idea with them standing up from between the audience, fabulous. I think you sung it well and the song fits your kind of sound, you know with the long sweet notes, you´ve got the whole package……….no doubt.”
Angela: “It was the first time that I heard you start of a bit false but you corrected it quickly. Then the fantastic gospel choir formed from the audience and backed you brilliantly, i´m a real fan of you guys. It´s all about you though and what I thought was great that you started poorly but picked it up and for me you´ve proven already that you´re the genuine article.”
Gordon: “Yeah we were struggling to find the right note to start the song in, but if someone can´t hear that you´re a great addition to show business then they´re talking out of their ass. It was a fantastic idea with that gospel choir and executed brilliantly, that´s Hollywood! That was the theme and even though you took a song which doesn´t really embody Hollywood but are able to give it that flair………amazing. You may be the best singer in this competition!”

Tania Christopher


0909-1308. Of sms TANIA naar 3131 "Lady Marmalade" (Labelle) - 6/10 - Hey Tania! This is the X Factor not So You Think You can Dance?! Too much dancing, not much vocals. The little time she sang, it was good. She showed her big voiced diva but the rest of the performance was just coreography, yes it was good but we want you to sing! That's the sense of the show! Sexy but not good. - VIDEO.

Stacey: “So you think you can dance? Yes you can, off course…..The way you put on this show and your look, truly brilliant! I love the dress too. Tania, I have to say though that it was a pretty complicated piece of choreography and a lot of things to think off, your moves, your looks and also your singing and it was noticeable in your performance. It was all a bit of a planned arrangement and you didn´t come across as really enjoying yourself on stage today. Maybe you rehearsed it a bit too much perhaps?”
Angela: “In Hollywood everything has been rehearsed too much I've been witness to that myself. I could tell that you worked really hard at those dance steps and you make it look effortlessly but I know it isn´t. This song is one with a certain story, one about prostitutes, and I see this young sweet girl up there and I love the styling too but my dear, I was preoccupied by the dancers more than I noticed you on stage so that´s something to work on. You really need to take the spotlight and shine each time you perform. Also I did not expect such a good singing performance from you with this song, well done.”
Gordon: “It´s fantastic that you´re up there and your sister supporting you as a dancer , which we have to give credit for her great dancing performance as well, on her birthday too which is all fantastic. You´re singing though was false here and there and last week I wasn´t too impressed by your performance either, Mariah Carey, and now Christina Aguilera. It´s all out of your league and your coach needs to protect you from yourself and make you sing stuff that suits you. Otherwise this show could be over pretty quickly for you. ”
Ed van Tijn: “I can tell from the other judges comments that the war is on…….you´re receiving criticism which I find to be a bit unjust. I think this was a great performance and credit goes to Gerald and his team for the choreography. I think you´ve executed it really well and it was extremely difficult to pull off, yet you want the experience of putting on a grande show and you´re making huge progress………it´s Hollywood girl, well done.”



0909-1309. Of sms SIMRAN naar 3131 "Vogue" (Madonna) - 7,5/10 - OMG! What the hell are they wearing?! This is a horrible mash up. The songs don't work well together. I tend to like their performances and their voices but tonight something is just off for me. They sound too shouty and sharp. That's not good, could we lose the first group tonight? I hope not but after this, I'm not sure.  - VIDEO.

Gordon: “It´s amazing to see that you´re able to be this consistent every week because this was a brilliant performance, yet again. Vogue by Madonna wasn´t really exciting but you were able to put an extra dimension on it, which I loved. What you did today, the dancing and the singing, it was perfect. My jaw was on the floor the whole time, I was that impressed. Perfect. Styling a 10, singing a 10”
Ed van Tijn: “Well I'm not going to give it all a 10 but what I will say is that I thought this was your best performance in the live shows so far. Very enthusiastic, but I would like to see more soul from you. I understand that it didn´t fit this song but that´s what I like to hear from you girls, more soul.”
Stacey: “Gordon is also into the glitters, like you girls…….look at him?! A very solid performance from you girls like previous weeks but this time you didn´t really convince somehow……still I know that next week you´ll do just that, I truly believe that. It was very colorful.”
Angela: “You girls always look the part and are solid performers and Lisa I have to give you a separate compliment because the power you put into this song was fantastic. The insert from Born this way was your own input, which I thought was great and people probably don´t realize that it is you three that come up with the ideas yourself which deserves recognition. You´re very talented and I'm lucky to be your coach.”

Ed Ruyer


0909-1310. Of sms ED naar 3131 "Viva Las Vegas" (ZZ Top) - 8/10 - Ed has one of my favourites voices but tonight, he's not showing it off. The song is completely wrong for him but I see what Stacey was trying to do here, it's actually not that bad for him. But somehow, he's failing to deliver, he was off for the first half, then it started to work better but everything was already done. Not sure if I'll say it was a fail but it wasn't great either. - VIDEO.

Angela: “Not only an audience favorite but across the entire country are you a hit. Still, I don´t think that this was a great performance unfortunately. I´ll tell why ……..it´s because this version of Viva Las Vegas doesn´t do it for me. I´ll look at your coach and say it once more and say that I think you should be behind the piano all the time because that´s where you´re at your best. You look sort of lost on stage without the piano and even with the choreography…… I just want to hear you sing! And if you´re going to sing a song by Elvis, I would´ve liked to have heard In the Ghetto because I think you would make that song your own. This performance however did not do you much good.”
Gordon: “I completely agree with Angela, I think that your wife has totally missed the point in your styling, which is not your fault but you look like a lawyer from het Gooi where they all wear red pants. I think you have an amazing rhythm and blues voice and you should stick with that. This song doesn´t suit you, was poorly done and to be honest, the X Factor adventure should end here for you……”
Ed replies with "We´ll see about that……."
Ed van Tijn: “That is the right attitude to have if you want to win a competition like this but have to warn you that you´re not getting better as we progress through the weeks, it´s more the opposite. I really felt for you out there because I was thinking, why is he up there like that, it´s not who he is. I remember the Ed that really went all out in his performances behind the piano and now I see you up
there, one step to the right……..i can see you thinking about what to do, it´s not you Ed. I want to feel the music from you and you´re one of those naturally gifted musicians that have fire in their music and that´s what I want from you. I thought this was really………..I’m not going to say it. I thought this was disappointing”
Stacey: “I thought you were having a bit of a problem with the sound in your earpiece because you were fiddling with it a lot? I know you were very nervous for this evenings show BECAUSE you weren´t behind the piano and I think we should show all your abilities as a singer that´s why we chose this today. Angela, like the rest of the viewers, should text Ed to 3131 because next week he is singing………ACDC.”
Angela points out that this criticism is given because they want him to get better.


What a glamorous show, although not all contestants got that across to the audience…..Some of the favorites were disappointing and some underdogs scored big. As always the voters at home have their own favorites and only those with loyal fans are going to make it through. Let´s see if there´s a shift in the picking order…. The first cut and those to make it through easily are:
Shocking results, no Tim not even Jessica received enough votes yet to go through. Are the hordes disappointed in their potential new stars? The lines were opened for a new round of voting. The sing off is looming and the finalists going through to next week are:
That leaves Jessica and Tania to battle for the remaining place in next round. Jessica performed better and really impressed, where as Tania didn´t do the song or herself justice the second time around…….. There was no way around it and Tania was asked to leave the show. She is without a doubt a fabulous singer and talent and we hope she makes her wayn to the charts anyway. Thanks Tania…
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