Jessie has done it again! We all thought that her first music video was amazing and that topping it will be hard. Well, she has now! Her newest music video is "Nobody's Perfect", my favourite song of the album, which has gone platinum in the UK charting #2. The single is stated for May 22 but in the meantime you can buy the complete album! Or just watch the video! Jessie is also going the wierd route, following Lady Gaga's and Katy Perry's steps. We have Alice in Wonderland, Cruella, a crazy clocks outfit and a wierd muddy scene. Oh and the mouthes and the godess Jessie. Yes, all that. In 4 minutes. You could probably think that it's wierd as hell and well, it is, but it works perfectly! I would have never imagined this level of wierdness but it just works and the result is an entertaining and different music video. Just as Jessie!

Buy the album and check the music video after the JUMP ...

Buy "Who You Are" HERE (UK) or HERE (US).

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