We all remember Miss Waissel from last year's XF and how could we forget about her? She was undoubtely the most controversial contestant on the show's history and her name popped on the papers faster than a lighting. Well, now she's once more on them. But it ain't a controversy now. It's all about her music. Katie, who was previously linked to Chamberlain Records, has been the first S7 contestant to release an album, the eponymous release came out on March 14, even before the winner, Matt Cardle. When we first met Katie, she named Etta James as one of her biggest influemces, much to the judges surprise, but it all makes sense now!

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Buy "Katie Waissel" HERE.

Her eponymous album is nothing more than a jazz record, and a great one indeed. The album is fresh, current amd beautifully crafted. Katie's voice sounds incredible and it mantains the quirkyness and smoky tone we all love. Her first single "The Ugly Truth" is a fun and bold song which features the best in her voice. "Brighter Than Sunshine" feels like a potential pop hit with it's catchy lyrics and easy going rythm."He's in Love" and it's acoustic counterpart, "Acapella Love" are probably my favourites of the album. She plays with her voice, doing scats and singing big notes very in the "King of the Swingers" way. Katie was criticized for changing her style every week and claiming that was the real her. I now see which was the real one, and to be honest, this's the best Katie I've seen. The fun jazzy almost retro quirky dancing godess! I'm more than excited for all that will follow now!

The Ugly Truth

Brighter Than Sunshine

He's In Love

Katie Live on Alan Titchmarsh's Show

King of the Swingers (XF Performance)

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