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Cæcilie Norby is probably Diana Krall's danish counterpart. Born in Frederiksberg, on September 9, 1964, the daughter of a composer and an opera singer, Cæcilie is danish gem when talking about jazz. She started her carrer in 1985, fronting the band Frontline and then taking part in One Two, from 1986 to 1993. On 1995, she released her debut album and since then, she has released 7 albums, the latest one titled Arabesque which was released on October 4, 2010. Jazz in it's more pure form, Cæcilie's sound is a terapeutic one, one that will instantly relax you with her sweet soft tone and her perfect pitch in every note. She's probably one of the best jazz singers I've heard because she's not only a perfect singer, the type that worries for every note, as she shows on "The Dead Princess", but she's also something fresh, maybe the instruments that accompany her or maybe it's the way she  comunicates her lyrics, either way, Cæcilie is an amazing addition to any jazz library, she's already on mine ...

Buy the album and watch some videos after the JUMP ...

Buy "Arabesque" HERE (DK) or HERE (US).

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