The 12 finalists hit the stage for the first time in the firt liveshow of the season! The theme is "Born This Way", a strange theme if you ask me. What the hell is that theme supposed to be? Anyway, on a side note, I've found a collaborator! His name is Marcel (clicking his name will take you to a site he likes) and will be providing us translation of the judges comments throughout the season! I've identified his extra comments in blue. Who will impress? Who will crumble? ... It's time to face the music!

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Finally, X Factor Friday is here! The first live show for the twelve remaining “wannabe” pop and rock stars of the future. The expectations are enormous because there were some promising talents in the preliminary rounds. Heck even world famous blogger,Perez Hilton, compared one of the talents to Justin Bieber in his blog! So who can handle the pressure and deliver when it matters most?

The finalists had been hard at it in the days running up to the live show and were treated to a meet and greet with usher and Maroon 5 during one of their sound checks. Although most were a bit star struck by meeting these icons, all were able to impress by doing what they do best…….sing. As a parting gift these icons gave some pointers and general advice to prepare them for the big night.

Are they ready? Let’s find out….



0909-1301. Of sms ADLICIOUS naar 3131 "Telephone" (Lady Gaga and Beyoncé) - 9,5/10 - I'm really excited to see what they have to offer. They have great chemistry and their voices sound great together.  I love the dance vibe they bring to the song. OMG! This was an amazing performance! All of them are uber talented. Shirley, the blonde has an amazing raspy bluesy tone. Laise, the black girl, brought a great rap vibe and amazing diva like chops. And Jordy keeped the performance together with his perfect toning. All in all, if this guys continue singing like this, they may have a chance of winning. VIDEO.

Gordon: “Ridiculously good as you have been showing us in previous rounds. Not my favorite Gaga song but you guys are tha bomb. Styling wise though, Joey you look terrible and Shirley that swimsuit belongs in a twirling group…….seriously, that’s not Gaga”
Ed van Tijn: “I’ve seen quite a few of your performances and this time it was, yet again, a great performance, but the singing wasn’t great. I think you’re top favorites and after today’s show you’ll have something to work on to stay in that position.”
Stacey: “We could talk about going swimming or the false notes we heard but all I could think of whilst watching you was: Is this an act flown in from the USA? It’s so not Dutch and it’s VERY good”
Angela: “I could reveal that you were actually wearing a sarong and that diva Gordon persisted in HIM wearing it tonight…….. and singing off key, pfffffff IT WAS THA BOMB!”

Rolf Wienk


0909-1302. Of sms ROLF naar 3131 "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" (The Script) - 8,5/10 - I was really doubty about Rolf at first. I mean, a latino, or whatever he is, guy could ever win me. But since his spanish song, yeah I know, he is one of my faves. And I never expected that to happen, neither wanted it! His voice isn't the most unique but he's hit all the notes perfectly, has a nice falsetto and  got a great smile! What else do you need? VIDEO.

Ed van Tijn: “First of all I think you’re a great guy with a great presence and a great singer. This time I missed structure in your performance. You ended well, warm and soft but should have started the same way. Perhaps the nerves got to you but all and all very good.”
Stacey: “Only when you finished did I notice that you were very nervous. Next week, if you’re still here, try and work on that nervousness because it’s not necessary, you are a good singer.”
Angela: “I think you have a beautiful voice, and what is great about you is that I believe every word you sing. Delivery of the song is very important and I think you’re a star!”
Gordon: “I have to agree with Ed, we have been working hard this week on structure and delivery and you partially pulled it off. What has to be said is your pronunciation is superb. There’s not many Dutch artists who are as eloquent as you.”

Tania Christoper


0909-1303. Of sms TANIA naar 3131 "Grenade" (Bruno Mars) - 6/10 - We've had a great start, till Tania.  I mean, I know she's a great singer but she's not showing it here. The start was really rough, she seemed really nervous and her voice was all over the place. She picked it up towards the end but the whole performance was messy. She really needs to step up her game if she wanats to stay. VIDEO.

Stacey: “You were also noticeably very nervous and you shouldn’t be! You’re very talented and on stage you looks as if you’re in the video clip, really, very well done.”
Angela: “You’re a beautiful girl and listening to the audience, one of the favorites but you’re also in the Poole of death, with some exceptional talent not making the cut so the expectations for Ed’s group is very high and I must say that I don’t think you delivered today what you yourself want to achieve with your singing, touch someone’s soul, and I know you can do that.”
Gordon: “I think you’re a good looking girl, very stylish and I think you sung this very well, but like Angela you didn’t really touch me with your singing today, which we all know you can so I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing you next week.”
Ed van Tijn: “You really performed well today, you could tell you were very nervous but you’re professional enough to keep at it and you radiate when you’re on stage, so I’m also looking forward to next week.”

Ed Ruyer


0909-1304. Of sms ED naar 3131 "Are You Gonna Go My Way" (Lenny Kravitz) - 8/10 -  I'm so glad Ed is here! I wasn't crazy about him at first but I adore his voice now. He's definitely the dutch Joe Cocker!  I'm still hating his style but his voice is amazing! Only one critique, he really needs to know were the crowd is. He performed the whole song facing to one side and he almost ended backwards, this would have been better if he either, just stood there, was sat or performed with a piano. VIDEO.

Angela: “Ed you’re a very special performer. You admit that rehearsal isn’t really you’re strongest point but when you’re on stage, for real, in front of an audience something fantastic happens, you really come to life and bring down the house anywhere you go even if it’s at the local bar. Next time though I would really like to see you behind a piano because that’s where you’re really in your place.”
Gordon: “It was quite funny because you were so into it that at a point you had turned your back to us which is fine offcourse but a bit odd. (ED REBUTTS: Well I can’t see and orientate myself on stage by the sound of the speakers but there are speakers everywhere so I couldn’t tell where I was). You’re voice is magnificant,it’s rock, it’s blues or anything like that and I think you’ll get far in this show.It was a fantastic performance Ed but I’d like to see you styled less, the way you first auditioned because that was you, that was rock.”
Ed van Tijn: “Your voice is amazing Ed, as always, I love your sound and you’ll definitely get far but one point of criticism is that styling wise you’re moving away from raw and rocking and starting to look like a wedding performer so lose the dinner jacket cause it doesn’t rock at all.”
Stacey: “The piano is already booked for next week isn’t it Ed? And I am of the opinion that you shouldn’t give your best at the beginning so there’s a lot more to come from Ed and did anyone check out those shoes? Coooorrrrr.”

Jesse Zwaan


0909-1305. Of sms JESSE naar 3131 "Whatcha Say" (Jason Derülo) - 6/10 - Jesse was one of my faves, till tonight. He ruined that song and I may not ever play that song again. He was all over the place and he couldn't keep up with this song. He was consitently off pitch and his falsetto was horrible. His style was crazy bad too! The red clock was cool but those shoes? Ronald McDonald was all that came to my mind! 

Ed van Tijn: “I thought that this was gonna be your best performance yet and thought what a time to do it too, but was shocked when you sung the high notes because it was really dreadful. Apart from that it was good.”
Stacey: “Yeah you really made a mess of that high section, but your performance was phenomenal, this show is called the X Factor, and you have that, well done.”
Angela: “It must be unnerving to see yourself in the intro not hitting those same notes in front of Usher so respect to you for still putting down such a good performance after seeing that. Good show, sweet voice and those missed notes…… hey who cares.”
Gordon: “What I think is important to recognize is that this song has difficulty level 10 to sing, the variation in notes and octaves is not easy to pull off. Yes the high regions were difficult for you today but let’s be honest it was a fabulous performance!”



0909-1306. Of sms SIMRAN naar 3131 "Only Girl (In The World)" (Rihanna) - 8/10 - Why is Angela picking so shitty songs for her acts? She needs to change that immediately. This girls can sing so why not picking a song that can show that? This is a good performance, I love her moves and they actually remind me of Mahogany (of the XF Australia). They have great haromnies and can nail every note, still, this disco version of this song isn't as cool as I'd have wanted it. VIDEO.

Gordon: “Girls, FA-BU-LOUS, really well done. I’m so glad that I called you after Holland’s got talent where you went out early, which really shocked me, and look at you now! There’s a group here with international allure with a sound and look to back it up! Small point of criticism is that you weren’t in synch at times, but hey f*#@k it.”
Ed van Tijn: “Your presence on stage and the way you perform is amazing but like Gordon, I think that your synching and tone you each sing at was a bit off and can’t imagine that your vocal coach did not work on that with you so that was disappointing. You have bags of talent and if you get that right you could win this show, but not like this.”
Stacey: “I was on the fence just now whilst listening, is it good, or not? Sometimes it looked better than it sounded but you performed well and that first chorus reeled me in so yeah it was pretty good but room for improvement.”
Angela: “You know, what Ed said may be true but when you have a performance like that and knowing that they have 9 weeks to iron out the flaws I’m sure that they can make it all the way. What an amazing voices you have and it’s difficult being on a live stage for the first time , so well done girls.”

Jessica Mougin


0909-1307. Of sms JESSICA naar 3131 "Mercy" (Duffy) - 9/10 -  I never doubted she'll make it to the liveshows. She has been consistently good and has always impressed. and her voice has an unique tone, it's very Pixie Lott actually. This is probably my favourite performance of the night! She was pitch perfect and her falsetto was beautiful. Jessica is in it to win it! She's up there for me now.  VIDEO.

Stacey: “I think you’re a cool chick and also backstage your easy to work with too so that’s all good but what I’m wondering is that there’s a lot of impressive dancers behind you and you’re clung to your mic stand the whole time, perhaps a bit of movement with the dancers? Duffy has been done too death but what you and Ed, your coach, did with the song was great and refreshing so well done.
Angela: “To think that you’re only 16, it’s amazing seeing you on stage like that.We all know and agree with Ed that this is going to be your future someday and I think the reason for Duffy’s songs being done over and over is because they are fantastic, like your performance today.”
Gordon: “A solid performance but you missed some of the high notes as well, you must’ve heard that and your pronunciation was horrid so there are some mistakes to work on. I think you’re a sublime contestant for X Factor.
Ed van Tijn: “For a 16 year old giving a performance like that with a group of professional dancers, I’d like to see you pull that of Stace! Well done and we’ll work on the little things in the coming weeks.”

Jantine Mak


0909-1308. Of sms JANTINE naar 3131 "Stuck" (Caro Emerald) - 8/10 -  I never expected Jantine to make it to the liveshows. I just didn't. She didn't impressed me in her audition or in bootcamp. However, she impressed me with her last performances and she impressed me again with this!  I wasn't sure what to expect, I was actually expecting her to be going first but I don't see that happening now! Caro Emerald is amazing and I love the way Jantine performed this. She brought something different and her jazzy side really showed! I really liked this! I want more Jantine! VIDEO.

Angela: “It may not have been the most exciting performance of this evening but hey, you can sing girl and every note is true and clear. I’m really hoping your coach let’s you sing some country in the coming weeks because it would suit you so well.”
Gordon: “Well Jantine let me make you a happy women and say that I think this was your best performance of all the shows so far, you can tell you worked hard, you’re more confident and it looks like you’re having fun out there. Realistically this should be your last night here at X Factor.”
Ed van Tijn: “It was a bit humpy corky but every note was hit perfectly and sung very well. You really shine when you’re performing and that’s what makes you charming.”
Stacey: “I think you’re a fantastic broad, always happy and positive and you really performed well and got that across too. Come voting time, if anyone deserves to go through , it’s you.”

Rochelle Perts


0909-1309. Of sms ROCHELLE naar 3131 "Chain Of Fools" (Aretha Franklin) - 9/10 -  If I had to make a bet on who's winning the show now, I'd probably pick Rochelle. Her voice is amazing, she's unique and she's got a lot of swagger! She's bringing it to Aretha! I'd have liked a little more performing but her vocal is flawless. Cher comparissons aren't fair, she's so much better. Cher was a great performer but Rochelle can sing her soul off! VIDEO.

Stacey: “What a show, wow, you could’ve worn my sweater……… to start that chain reaction.I think you’re tha bomb, you get it, you have the attitude and know how to tell the story behind the song. So much technique and control…….. I think you’re my favorite amongst the girls.”
Angela: “Like Ed said in the intro, she might leave a long lasting impression this week and I’m gonna go one better and say that in all the years I’ve been involved in this show I don’t think we’ve ever had a better singer….”
Gordon: “That’s quite a statement because in previous years we’ve also had one of my girls, Lisa, which was pretty descent as well! Still, look at you, 19 years old and bringing THAT song as mature as you did is truly world class.”
Ed van Tijn: “I think the compliments from the others are great but they’re nowhere near good enough to prize your performance today. Such a difficult song, executed the way you have today is absolutely amazing.”

Tim Suyderhoud


0909-1310. Of sms TIM naar 3131 "Someone Like You" (Adele) - 7/10 - Tim, Tim, Tim. You bore me to death! That said, I love this song. Adele is probably in my Top 10 and so is this song. Tim is doing a nice vocal performance, there were some jazzy notes but it was really sleepy! The song didn't had a climax and he didn't create a moment with this. This was a very dull move.  VIDEO.

Ed van Tijn: “We have amazing talents this year and you are one of them. You’ve sung this very difficult song extremely well perhaps just a small slip up but fantastically done mate.”
Stacey: “Yeah a small slip up but I don’t think your fans will mind. What kinda shoes or jacket you’re wearing is just not important at all, just being here on stage and singing should be enough for anyone.”
Angela: “Let’s be honest, you’ve got the whole package. You’re very good looking, a sort of Brad Pitt kinda beautiful and it’s been said before, your voice hasn’t matured fully yet so it makes it harder to control your voice. They compare you to Justin Bieber but I think you’re better looking and are a potential winner.”
Gordon: “Ladies,ladies,ladies, we’re not here for a modeling contest but a singing competition and the fact that you look good is a bonus but what a terrific performance man, I’m really proud.”

Pyke Pos


0909-1311. Of sms PYKE naar 3131 "Another Day" (Jamie Lidell) - 8/10 - Pyke is that jazzy contestant. As it happened with Jantine, I didn't expect him to make it to the liveshows either. But as with her, he impressed me since bootcamp. He's doing what he does best tonigth! He's singing a jazzy song. Although his vocals are excellent and sweet, I cannot say this was a great performance. He lacked power. I mean, he delivered but I just needed some big notes there! VIDEO.

Angela: “Pyke my big buddy, you look like you’re 3.20m and yet still such a high octave voice is quite wondrous and we don’t see that often. You can sing so well with that voice and I must admit was checking you out, wow what a hunk, really….I think voting wise you’re sorted.Whats up Gordon, I’m a fan?????”
Gordon: “Settle down Angie, down girl. Pyke it is unheard off how sweet your voice is and all in the higher regions, it’s stunning and like Maroon 5 said, in the style of Marvin Gaye, it’s special man! Just one small thing, those play backing dancers behind you make it feel like a 3rd rate talent show and also you’re styling still needs work.”
Ed van Tijn: “I fully agree with Gordon, you can tell that there is a musician on stage but one that isn’t really ready yet. For now this is good enough but if you want to advance through the rounds you need to step it up a notch. More engaging choices in music and styling”
Stacey: “All I can say is……What’s not to like , vote for Pyke!”



0909-1312. Of sms SWAY naar 3131 "Raise Your Glass" (P!nk) - 6,5/10 -  I smell a trainwreck here. I so love this song but I hate it being performed by anyone but Pink. I don't know where to start. I like them and I know they are talented. But this was a semi trainwreck as I predicted. They had their moments but as a whole, it was messy and not always on tune and they didn't seem together at times. I want something better next week, or they may be the first group out. VIDEO.

Gordon: “What an amazing way to end the evening, what an exceptional talents we have this year in X Factor, of which you are one. What I love about you girls is earlier this week at auditions you weren’t totally in synch but, here and now you’ve totally delivered a rock solid show. Saya you are absolutely fantastic, wow.”
Ed van Tijn: “Saya is not the only one that is fantastic because all of you Sway, Janice and Aisha included are very talented. The good thing about you is that you’re very young and malleable so I can see you progressing very far in this competition.”
Stacey: “I’ll totally agree with that but what I don’t agree with is that you’re singing was good. The beginning was chaotic but you pulled it together at the chorus and you bring the performance with so much confidence and power that you forget about that.”
Angela: “What’s great is that you were totally shattered this week because you also had exams at school and still you guys found the will and perseverance to shine on the stage and give us a fabulous show, I love you guys.”


Well that’s the end of the show and all the contestants could do was to leave it to the voters at home and hope they made a good impression. The top 5 acts, as voted by the people during the first part of the show, were revealed and in no particilar order entailed:

- Jessica
- Tim
- Adlicious
- Rochelle
- Ed

So after these first results the lines were opened to voting for another chance to vote for your favorite. When the lines were closed the tention rose because 2 acts had to sing for their survival in an ultimate last minute sing off. In the end the two acts taking eachother on for that final spot for next week:

- Sway
- Jesse

Each finalist gave it their all in the sing off with mixed results. Where Jesse didn’t convince the first time and missed some notes, he executed it flawlessly the second time around where as Sway let themselves down with less of a perfomance the second time around. It went to the jury vote but this did not give an outcome either because Gordon and Ed, hesitantly, chose for Jesse and Angela and Stacey for Sway. So it looked like the people got the last say in the matter and with a difference of almost 4% of the votes, Jesse receiving 7% and Sway 11% of the total votes we have to say goodbye to Jesse and thank him for some great moments. Who will ever forget his break down in the preliminairies and his, over excited, father coming to his rescue with his energetic cheerleading………. I won’t. This reporter is glad for the outcome but has to admit to having a soft spot for the Sway girls.

Jesse and Sway are our Bottom 2! What do you think of this decision? Well, it's not a wrong one. Jesse had a horrible night. His performance was a trainwreck and he wasn't on tune a single time. Sway was given a horrible song. They did the best they could but the song just didn't fit them. I think Tania deserved to be in the Bottom with Jesse but Sway wasn't better than Tania. And based on this sing off? The right contestant was cut. Jesse was even worse than in his first performance. That falsetto was painful and the performance was falling into pieces. Sway wasn't great either. They messed with the lyrics, they weren't on tune and as with Jesse, the performace was worse than the first. I wonder why they sing the same song that cut them. I think it was like in the UK XF, where they sing a different song. However, the judges were tied leaving the decision to deadlock, where Jesse was ultimately cut. The right decision? Probably ...

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