Firstly, I must say that this is my favourite song overall and that it's actually my pick to win it all. Ok, since that is clear, let's go down to bussines! Swiss entry is selected by "Die grosse Entscheidungs Show", where 4 different channels chose entreies to compete on a national final of 12 acts. They perform and then the public votes. My views? It was a hell of a show!

Watch the performances and the official entry's music video after the JUMP ...

Anna Rossinelli

I'm absolutely in love with this song! This is by far my favourite entry. Seriously, this is the best song I've seen in a while. Anna's got a jazzy bluesy vibe that I adore. This is definitely my cup of tea! I really like the ukelele and the bass here. I see big chances for her in Eurovision! She could actually win it all! I may even say that she's going to win ...

Bernarda Brunovic

This is probably one of the best performances I've seen in any of this contests! I mean, she's a blind girl (she stated that she can only see colours far away) who would have probably gone unnoticed in this bussines. She's got an amazing voice, excellent, but I wouldn't have thought that it could happen! She's so different from what people are accostumed and I just love that she came 2nd. I'd have loved her winning but Anna is my girl! I bet she wins the next one!

Ilira And The Colors

I really like this song! It has a dark vibe but it's a really emotional performance. Ilira is a great singer and I love the uniqueness in her voice. She's probably not the best but she's working with what she has and really delievering. This would record beautifully.

The Glue

Oh! I'm digging this a lot! It's quite interesting. They are singing with no music, the "backing tracks" are their voices, and although I've seen this in another entry, this song is really good. However it was a bit dark and not as "feel good" as most of this songs. Still, I'd totally buy their album!

Sarah Burgess

This song could have never won. Anything. But you know what? I like this! I actually like her voice. It has an interesting nice tone. Almost quirky and reaggish. And she hit some decent big notes. She was off tune at times but I know she was sick, so I also know she is so much better! Still, the swiss flag part? Not good.

Music Video

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