UPDATE:  Cécile Couderc is cut! Sarah Manesse was B2, voting went to deadlock.

After the best result show ever, in which we saw never-should-have-made-it-to-the-finals Twem being cut, the 11 finalists left battle once more for keeping their place in the competition. With another varied song list, the acts are raising their stakes to  impress the audience in order to gain their vote. Do they have yours? ... Is time to face the music!

Recap, ratings, judges comments and videos after the JUMP ...

Cécile Couderc


SMS 1 TO 72 600 Born This Way/Express Yourself (Lady Gaga/Madonna) - 5/10 - Boo at France for cutting her! Well, I totally get it now. That performance was a trainwreck. I mean, Lady Gaga? I get that you are like a disco godess but this was all over the place. I admit that she makes an effort though. The dancing was really good and the performance was fun, well if you muted it, cause her vocals were painful. I really liked her last week but this was not good. - VIDEO

S: X Factor needs you! Still, you played it safe and didn't step out from your comfort zone, you did the same thing than last week.
P: You're fun! I love it ! But you've performed in English twice, I trust that your mentor can find a french song for you.
D: It was a great way to start the show! Still, I felt you're stressed. If I had to give you a constructive advice, pay attention to lyrics and your pronunciation.
W: I'm a fan! Your performance was incredible! You can be a diva and still sing current songs.

Sarah Manesse


SMS 2 TO 72 600 À ma place (Zazie et Axel Bauer) - 9/10 - Wow Sarah! What a great performance! I must admit I wasn't sure about this at first but after some lines, she definitely won me over! The red leather suit, the electric guitar and her unique haunting vocals made this a quite remarkable performance! I love that someone as quirky as her can be on the show! I'm also loving how she's sounding in french, I think she should purse that a bit more. Great note at the end Sarah! You're my fave!- VIDEO

P: You are very beautiful but at the first show, I had some doubts about you, and I have them again tonight. I don't think the song suits you, I don't think this kind of rock works for you!
D: Bravo! I congratulate you because you'd played your guitar live. I see that you are too nervous, I would like to see you more comfortable, like at your first audition. I want you to relax and bring us something that is really you!
W: Superb performance! You sang well but yes, you're stressed! I want to hear Sarah, not who Olivier thinks Sarah is. I want to hear the real you.
S: This is was a risk , unlike  some of the other candidates, because this cover is different from the original. You have a  really distinctive voice and that's really nice.

Vincent Léoty


SMS 3 TO 72 600 Rêver (Mylène Farmer) - 8/10 - Too safe for Vincent I think. His voice is good, really acoustic soulful driven but he's keeping his performances too simple and isn't showing much power. I still like his singing, it has a nice raspy tone and he is still hitting some big notes which sound really good. I really like this performance actually. That ending was the bomb, full of emotion and a really pleasant high note. - VIDEO

S: A very beautiful vocal performance. You're a great singer! But at this stage, I prefer something less perfect but with a stronger personal touch. You don't leave your personal mark on your performances. You're singing is really old fashioned, like if this was a performance from 10 years ago!
P: I liked this performance more than last week's. A good song choice but I wasn't connected with you. I felt like an outsider.
D: I'll be honest, I didn't like it. But I believe in you and I think you can do much better than this!
W: Vincent,  I think you don't have a good coach! I would like to understand (to the other judges), you say he sings beautifully but you're also very critical and then say that you don't like him?!

2nde Nature


SMS 4 TO 72 600 Fan (Pascal Obispo) - 6,5/10 - Mmm .. I don't really know what to say about that. They definitely sound better in french than in english and they still look sorta cute. But that's all the good I've to say. They're still bringing the boring boyband vibe and their vocals aren't that good at all. The lead actually has a nice voice and falsetto but I believe he should be better going solo. The marching thing was wierd also, still not sure what was going on there. I still need to see some improvement here!- VIDEO

D: Wow! Congratulations for choosing that song. I believe in you and I hope you go far in this show. However, I think you need to work on the group's unity, you don't look like one.
W:  This is your best performance, I've seen lots of progress in you. It was beautiful, the harmonies were amazing. I loved it!
S: What a great song choice! It was much better than last week's! Though I think that you should give  a personality to your group, something that differentiates it from the other groups in the market..
P: I'm proud of you! It was vocally perfect. We are begining to see you as a great group. I count on you, people, to vote for them and allow them to continue!

Matthew Raymond-Barker


SMS 5 TO 72 600 Price Tag (Jessie J) - 8,5/10 - This is like the 5th cover of this song I've seen on an Idol/XF show this month, it's getting repetitve but I just can't get too much of this! Matthew is doing so much better! A major improvement. I'm liking him much more now. He's got that wierd phrasing and that raspy, like if he had his throat sore, tone. Plus he's bringing the attitude, so extra points for that! This could actually pay of for Matthew! - VIDEO

W: It was great! You looked really comfortable tonight! I would have liked a little  more risk-taking, you played it a bit safe.
S: There was some out of tune notes but overall, I had a good time, that was fun!.
P:  Great choreography! That was really cool! When are you going to sing in french though? That's the only thing wrong with you and I blame you for that. There is no risk involved in your performances.
D: Do you have  amnesia? Last week, Matthew sang a few lyrics in french .... I'm proud of you, I'm happy to be your coach and being able to work with you.

Maryvette Lair


SMS 6 TO 72 600 Bang Bang (Nancy Sinatra) - 10/10 - OMG Maryvette!! Can you get any better than this?! I would give you a 1000 points if possible! This is more than perfect. Amazing vocals, amazing attitude and a great arrengment. I can really see her winning this show and seeling lots of records in France. This is exactly the type of performer I was aiming to find here. An amazing jazz quirky singer with an incredible voice. I'm rooting her for the win. Vote for Maryvette!!! - VIDEO

S: Maryvette, you have created a real "universe" it was magical, wonderful. You have developed a great character, which I also believe is the real you ... However, be careful not to become too "intellectual".
P: That was amazing! You're not only beautiful but that performance blowed me away! If I was a producer  I'd sign a contract with you on the spot!
D: I love your theatrical side,  it's something really unique and personal. That was great! I liked it a lot.
W: One word: excellent! You are a true artist! It's an honor to work with an artist like you! Vote for her and at the end of the show, I'll marry her.

Bérénice Schleret


SMS 7 TO 72 600 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (U2) - 8/10 - I really liked Bérénice last week, I actually think she was one of the best of the night but tonight, something just seems off. She actually looks really scared. Plus her english isn't really good. I still love her tone and phrasing. That raspy tone is amazing. Still, I think that she should sing in french, she sounded so much better. This is good but her pronunciation isnt' too good. - VIDEO

P: Berenice, I am a U2 fan but I didn't like the way you performed that song. I don't like the Berenice I'm seeing today. And you look so terrified!
D: I like your voice but you didn't seem comfortable, I applaud the effort still. You rock!
W: I finally refound the Berenice I loved during auditions but yes, you did seem terrified! Olivier, I do not know what's happening with yours candidates, but they seem to be afraid! (Laughs)
S: We had anticipated this kind of criticism! Berenice, it was great! You are more comfortable when you sing in french but this is part of the game, to sing in english. There is still some work to do but you're magical, I cannot say the same for the other candidates!



SMS 8 TO 72 600 L’opportuniste (Jacques Dutronc) - 5,5/10 - Still don't like them but this is much better than last week's. They aren't shouty crazy at least. Their vocals are boring though, they've not an unique sound and aren't as quirky as they look. This is really boring indeed. I want them out, the sooner the better.- VIDEO

D: Good song choice! The voices are better and sound good but they still lack power. You need lot of work.
W: A good performance this week. You have modernized the song, you've made it current. The voices are good but this is really far away from the music I love.
S: That's much better! During the auditions you had a  distinctive voiceprint and you've lost it ! Henry, you know what rock is, you should explain those harmonies to me! This is not rock, this is closer to the popular dances!
P: I'm more familiar with rock than you Olivier.  In France, we need a group like yours! You have a real talent. We have moved up many steps!

Florian Giustiniani


SMS 9 TO 72 600 Io So Che Tu/Écris l'histoire (Davide Esposito/Grégory Lemarchal) - 7,5/10 - Oh an italian/french mash up? Interesting Florian! Really nice vocals. Although it may be a little impressive he's singing in two languages, the whole performance is boring and a bit cursi. I bet this is gaining a lot of tween votes for him but still, this isn't as good as last week. Florian needs not to bore us next week.  - VIDEO

W: We can see you are sick vocally (Florian has lost his voice)  but still, I'm not convinced by the song choice. You're too young to sing this kind of songs!
S: What a mess! What a bad song choice! You're young! Reallyt this isn't the path that you must continue.
P: A little compassion, please! It is not easy to sing when you're sick! You take a song that has the emotion but I want  that YOU  give emotion, not the song. I did not feel any emotion from your singing! Plus this song is crap!

Raphaël Herrerias


SMS 10 TO 72 600 SnM (Rihanna) - 10/10 - Wow man! You deserve a standing O for that! Incredible. Raphaël is definitely the best guy. He's not only cute but his also an amazing singer and does a really good work with the songs he's given. He's given this song the piano jazzy treatment and I must say this is better than the original. He shows lots of energy, almost jumping on that piano. Best guy so far.- VIDEO

W: I love it! Sublime interpretation! Amaizing song choice! Perfect!
S: You'll stay for a long time in the show! All the girls will vote for you! I liked you last week, I love you this week!
P: I wonder how you can have that presence while sitting on a stool! You sang very well!  Great song! You are a very talented artist! 
D: BRAVO! It's incredible to have so much talent!

Marina D'Amico


SMS 11 TO 72 600 It's a Man's World (James Brown) - 10/10 - Pimp spot again for Marina? Something isn't right about that. About her voice, amazing once more. Marina really has the chops to nail every song! I hope she brings the quirky audition girl back but right now, this big note belter is really working for her. This song was another great peformance with really big notes at the end. Ok, she's my second fave gir or third maybe. Marina is undeniably talented, plus she can really deliver a great performance. - VIDEO

P: Marina you sing very well! OK! I didn't like it because this isn't a song for you. It's a song for a woman who has experience. I felt zero emotion on this performance.
D: This is a really big song. Vocally, it was perfect. You have talent! Go Marina!
W: You took a risk by choosing this song! You're an artist who is blossoming!
S: You have sang with passion! I loved it! With you, I work in 3 steps. First step:  Chanson à voix  (See below). Step Two:  Chanson à textes (See below) Step Three: You win the X Factor!

A)  Chanson à voix : It refers to a song that requires great vocal power. Among the "Chanteuse à voix"   there are: Celine Dion, Maraih Carey, the big divas ….
B)  Chanson à textes : It refers to a song whose words are meaningful, thoughtful, not a song with meaningless words. It can be poetry, humor, a protest song ... Among the "Chanteurs à textes"  ithere are: Brassens, Brel, Barbara, Ferré ....
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