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Alice Rose is probably one of the most intriguing acts of this theme week. Born in Copenhagen, Alice has been in the music scene since 2006, when she released her first album, "Tales of sailing", followed by "Mora with the Golden Gun". Not only she has an amazing style but she also has a beautiful voice. She's got a mesmerizing almost silky sound. It's jazzy, it's indie, it's folky, all that I love in a female singer. Now, Alice is engaging in a new project, "21 Days" in which she's released a song a day for 21 days, preceded by the release of a music video, "Into My Heart", a retro inspired love song with a twist. Having heard those songs, there's no doubt it'll be a success. Haunting vocals that will catch you since the first note.

Music video and some of the songs after the JUMP ...

Music Video

"21 Days"
(I'll update the songs as they are uploaded)

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