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Kashmir is probably one of Denmark's most successful alternative bands. They got together in 1991 and went for the name Nirvana, only to change it to Kashmir after the famous one started becoming famous. Nine years later, in 2000, they became a success in Denmark, winning 6 awards at the Danish Music Awards. And it all went uphill since then. Now, with 7 albums under their sleves, they are one of the most iconics bands of Denmark with 3 #1 albums, all consecutively. They may be danes take on The Script, great emotional lyrics and a really soulish acoustic voice. I'm digging this band a lot! Their song "Rocket Brothers" is a giant masterpiece, it seems it's performed by a younger Elton John, and it's music video is genius and darkish, I never expected that to happen there! Their alternative rock style, their great lyrics and the lead's soft voice, make this danish band a must know, so, what are you waiting?

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Buy "Trespassers" HERE.

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