Last week we saw the first performance show and the first act to be cut from the competition. The victim was Jesse Swaan, who failed to impress with a shaky performance that ultimately eliminated him when the judges went to deadlock and Jesse was announced to have recived less votes than Sway, leaving the Boys category with 2 contestants. Now, the 11 remaining acts battle again to survive. This week's theme is Remember the Time, which I assume is, old songs? Plus, Simon Cowell is in the house! He'll give advice to the kids. Marcel is back again and will be for the rest of the season! Who will fail to impress? Who will shine? ... It's time to face the music!

Comments, videos and ratings AFTER THE JUMP ....

A new week, a new theme and all our remaining finalists chomping at the bit to get the show on the road as they say. The show had even more international allure with the finalists flying to London for a workshop and one on one with the father of X Factor, Simon Cowell. Also R Kelly is going to perform 2 songs in the live show this week which ups the expectations for our contestants even more because R Kelly is a brilliant live show performer himself. You ready? Here we go again…..



0909-1301. Of sms SIMRAN naar 3131 "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)" (Whitney Houston)6/10 -  Oh Simon! You should never tell a woman they look much older than they are and that their style is a mess! However, he's got a point there, they do look older and they have a grown up vibe going on. Ugh! What's this?! We've seen so many great performances from them that this is disappointing. The song doesn't fit them and their vocals are off tune and, well, it's a mess! I expect better from you next week! VIDEO.

Gordon: "It must be a dream for you girls to open a show like this with one of RnB’s greatest, R.Kelly, and singing a song by Whitney Houston, one of my favorite artists, of which I recently found a film on YouTube singing again which sounded fantastic. This was perfect, your voices fit together well and it sounded great, the only thing I could say is that I agree with Simon Cowell in the fact that you need to know what kind of artists you want to be. Just a little more confidence and identity and you could conquer the world. Also I would like to have heard this song in a more modern version, a la Destiny’s Child perhaps……."
Ed van Tijn: "You could be right Gordon but I think that song should be executed in a specific sound which fits perfectly with their own sound .Last week I had some issues with your harmony but this week it was spot on. I think you’ve done really well today."
Stacey: "In my opinion this is your best performance up till now!"
Angela: "We’re on the right track girls, we thought about what you said Gordon but the theme this week is “remember the time”, so we went back to the music which the girls listened and danced to when they were young, Whitney Houston. You’ve worked really hard also with Babette, the vocal coach, and you’re really improving, well done."

Jantine Mak


0909-1302. Of sms JANTINE naar 3131 "Eternal Flame" (The Bangles) - 9,5/10 - I love me some Jantine! She's that jazzy thing I need in this shows. She's starting really slow and almost shy. Incredible vibe. Her vocals are amazing here, they aren't shouty like some contestants do, they are controlled and beautiful. Loved this! I hope her fans vote extra hard for her! VIDEO.

Angela: "Jantine our farming girl, between all this young talent , the glamour and professional dancers you’re really a bit like a fish out of water. When I look at you on stage, I see a blond, healthy and good looking woman who is actually singing really well and I can understand why you went through so easily last week. It could just as easily happen this week…."
Gordon: "Well last week was probably because I said that you should go out that vening and the fans got really pissed, but I thought this performance, like your jacket, was a bit drab! I think the song itself is horrid and done to death and if it’s on the radio I turn the channel. If your coach wasn’t really a believer of your pick in music it is going to be very hard to convince us as well. It was false as hell ………..( audience booooooos ) but for the better part it was really lovely……."
Ed van Tijn: "Look, Jantine is just an amazing woman, a sweet and wholesome Dutchie who we all love, but this was not your best performance, we have to be honest. Like Gordon said, it was false here and there, and I was expecting a 20111 version of the song which would stand out but it was a showstoppe ... yeah in a bad way. I really didn’t like it, sorry."
Stacey: "Geez what a night, dear Jantine what I said about it being a terrible song is true but when you sing it, the way you do, I actually like it, with that beautiful smile and the way you deliver, I do believe in the song, I wouldn’t have let you sing it otherwise. It may have been a little of at the start but those long notes were spot on and your singing did touch my soul today."

Jessica Mougin


0909-1303. Of sms JESSICA naar 3131 "Lost" (Anouk) - 10/10 - Her hair looks great like that. Again, she's my favourite this year. She's got an unique tone and I love her high-pitched voice. Really, really good. The way she hits the high notes is just beautiful! I love how I write a lot for the ones I don't like and  really little for the ones I love. I guess the reason is because they leave me speechless!    VIDEO.

Stacey: "Your styling is top notch, that sweater and necklace are fabulous, the lighting was great and your looks immaculate, you also sung it brilliantly apart from one small misser, you’re also a friend of  Jantine, which also helps for my sake, so from A to Z, it’s good!"
Angela: "It is pretty risky to sing a song by such a famous Dutch artist, who has a rough rock voice because you’re not a rough rock singer but like what Erik said, you were born to perform which I agree with. I believe every word you sing and maybe the intro helped because it was shocking to see that an artist like yourself doesn’t have doors opened for her but let me assure you that after this little X Factor adventure that will change for sure."
Gordon: "Jessica, yes you can it says on some of the banners and let’s be real, you really CAN do it. You’re young and still have a lot to learn and your voice still has that immature sound in it which sometimes comes across a bit thin but like Angela said you have a really great voice but not rough or rock and if you’re used to hearing this song that way it was a bit odd. The middle parts of the song were not very attractive and I truly believe that there are much better songs for you yet I thought this performance was really solid."
Ed van Tijn: "Although you’re young it looks like there’s a much more mature artist at work on the stage when we see you perform. The way you interacted with the lighting was probably unnerving for most but you pulled it off with confidence. A really good performance."

Tim Suyderhoud


0909-1304. Of sms TIM naar 3131 "Superstition" (Stevie Wonder) - 8/10 - Glad you took my advice! Last week was a good one but it was too sleepy. Now, Tim's going uptempo with backing dancers. Oh, he's dancing too. However, I'm not sure of his vocals here. He's voice seems to be running out, like he's lacking breath. I'm giving him some more points for trying something uptempo but his voice needs a lot of work if he wants to win this. VIDEO.

Ed van Tijn: “When we watched the intro and heard Gordon say that you needed to execute the song with more power, I was worried you wouldn’t get there, that the song was beyond you’re capabilities because, hey Stevie Wonder one of THE best singers this world has seen, I’ve got to admit it wasn’t bad. For the most part it was very good, which I hadn’t expected. The interaction with the dancers was good, takes getting used to which was noticeable today but you’re really going to get far, it was really good.”
Stacey: “I also think you’ve got it made and you can go and lounge backstage until the results get in. It was better than I expected yet the interaction with the dancers needs some work and don’t forget to enjoy yourself while you’re up there. Look they threw some cuddly toys on stage for you…….”
Angela: “It is with risk to our own health that we would say something negative about you with the hordes of fans you already have, it’s unbelievable but justly so. We’ve gotten a glimpse of the musician you could become and maybe it wasn’t all perfectly sung but great just the same.”
Gordon: “You know I got a little scared when you picked this song but like Erik I was pleasantly surprised about how good it was and what people shouldn’t forget is a couple of weeks ago you came to us, all bubbly and happy go lucky but now you’re up there doing choreography and singing a song live for millions of people and doing an amazing job of it all. I am really proud, it was fantastic.”

Tania Christoper


0909-1305. Of sms TANIA naar 3131 "Vision Of Love" (Mariah Carey) - 9/10- Simon tells her that she's not unique, well, not like that but she tells her that she's too similar to many artists like her out there. He wants her to try something that hasn't been done. Will see ... She's singing Mariah, how can that be unique? Her vocals are amazing! Much better than last week's trainwreck! Not the special thing Simon wanted but she did some excellent vocal work. I still want something "new" next week. VIDEO.

Stacey: “You know Tania I’ve seen you perform a few of times up till now, and I’ve always recognized that you’re a fantastic singer but you’ve never given me goose bumps with your singing……….. Tonight you did, I think you’ve given us an amazing performance although I would’ve chosen a different dress if I was your coach but you really did a great job, I’ve nothing but praise for you today.”
Angela: “Tania I’m less enthusiastic about you today, like Simon Cowell said: you can’t play it safe anymore! Not to choose a safe song which is easily in your range but I think we’ve gone a little over the top this week. It is such a tough song, really difficult to execute and what really is strange is that you hit the long and difficult notes really well but with the short and little endings you were off, regularly. We all know you’ve got an amazing voice but if you want to advance through the rounds I would advise you to choose the safer option in songs.”
Gordon: “I totally agree with Angela, you’re a lovely girl to look at and when you’re performing you ooze confidence and I DO love the dress, it’s the sparkly bits that make it look cheap but anyways I also think this song was beyond you and that mostly had to do with the setting of the adlibs. Mariah Carey has one of the best voices we’ve heard in the last 20 years and nobody has come close to her quality, you know, in the category Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin etc etc and I’ve heard this song executed perfectly by someone in a different competition but you don’t come close to that level today, sorry.”
Ed van Tijn: “Well I don’t agree with that one bit, how’s that? No really I don’t because I think this was you’re best performance to date. I know you really worked hard and you can hear the progress we’ve made so far. A safer choice, well this is a song that is important to her and is able to put a lot of emotion into which makes the delivery of it spine chilling……… I thought it was really good.”

Ed Ruyer


0909-1306. Of sms ED naar 3131 "Tears in Heaven" (Eric Clapton) - 9/10 - Ed is playing the piano, as Stacey spoiled to us last week. Oh! This is good! Really good! There's a Joe Cocker vibe in his voice that really works on this performance. This is really sweet and smooth. I wonder how his voice sounds recorded, cause live it's amazing! I want the piano again next week Ed! VIDEO.

Angela: “Ed it’s beautiful to see after all the rock you’ve given us so far, to finally see you behind the piano, which you love to do when performing. Don’t get me wrong because I would still love to see ACDC from you but you can hear that you’ve sung this regularly, it’s well executed and you’ve really made it your own but I do miss the original melody every now and then which I did hear you do in
rehearsal. All and all it was a beautiful moment in the show.”
Gordon: “Yeah Eddie now you’re up there with the piano you can really showcase all your talent which really hits you but I don’t think it was THAT good. I think I’m just used to the original version and you really sidetracked from that with mixed results.”
Ed van Tijn: “Well……., I didn’t really hit me either and why was that? I think you’re great and musically very talented and a real presence on stage but I thought it was all a bit ordinary and plain. I really expected more from you today, with the piano and all, but that didn’t happen unfortunately.”
Stacey: “Sensing the reaction of the audience after those comments, there are a lot which disagree with the negativity. Gordon it’s a shame that, like last week’s sarong, you’re not wearing a hanky today because I could’ve used it just now because I think it did hit the spot Ed! If you did execute that song as the original, we would’ve heard three judges moaning about not bringing your own twist to the whole song, so don’t worry about them. You brought it with passion and emotion and really scored points with me.”



0909-1307. Of sms ADLICIOUS naar 3131 "Black or White" (Michael Jackson) - 10/10 - I wonder what they are saying cause this seems really emotional. They all look beautiful tonight! Much better than last week's swimsuit. OMG! This is really good! Simon should be kicking himself from letting this three go on the UK XF! Great harmonies and, rap! This is so cool! Best group ever on an XF show? Hell yes! A group could actually win this show! VIDEO.

Gordon: “After the terrible loss of your father this week Shirley, I think it is incredibly brave of you that you’re here this evening, a real trooper and we really appreciate that. And your father is really proud of you and you know he’s with you today………wow this was so fucking good! It is amazing to see the unity between you, such a close knit group is fantastic to see, and I’m really proud. I wasn’t able to talk for a month and you’re here today, in the same week singing your lungs out, very impressive.”
Ed van Tijn: “Even with what has happened, giving us such a good performance! Even if we try to forget for a moment all that has happened, there is a group on stage which gave a super good performance today, fantastic.”
Stacey: “I’ll totally agree with that, I thought it was, sorry for the language, a fucking shame that it was over so quickly……”
Angela: “What happened this week, you really didn’t have any time to rehearse and also it is a song which you’ve never sung before which makes it all really unbelieveable how good this performance was! You met on Thursday for the first time and within no time at all had gone over about who takes which line and at what tone and you could really tell that you’re all cum laude music academy graduates, it was a real eye opener for me. And also in the first rehearsal I noticed while you were singing that you look at one another’s mouth and that is a technique which comes with singing together for a loooong time and really showed me how good a group you are, Holland is going to hear great things from the three of you for a long time.”

Rolf Wienk


0909-1308. Of sms ROLF naar 3131 "You Sang To Me" (Marc Anthony) - 8/10 - Oh! Simon is calling him smart for singing in Spanish! Yeah, it was smart! JLo is name checked by Simon. Rolf says he doesn't like her, well with his face but he does! A wierd spanish dancer on stage. That's unnecesary. The song is meh, March Anthony can't sing, period. Rolf is doing a decent work with the song. That song choice was wrong. I'd have prefered something in spanish to this. Marc is latin but no one likes his music! Pick a better song next week please!  VIDEO.

Ed van Tijn: “I need a moment here ... that dancer, could they not have found a younger woman to be on stage? Hahahahahaha It was a well danced piece, no doubt about it. Hahahahahaha You really sung beautifully today ... (Uncontrollable laughter by Red and Gordon) What did you think Stace?”
Stacey: “Geeez guys control yourself already! Rolf you’re a brilliant singer, I’ve known that from the first time I heard you. Marc Anthony is not really my preferred music so I’ll never get excited about it. You have a connection with this song and that’s why you picked it and you sung it well but I found it all a bit too neat. Not really putting your all into it, your styling, all the shiny bits and the singing … it’s all just a bit ... not out there, you know? Next week a little more daring perhaps?”
Angela: “It’s the second time you’re on stage after Adelicious and that’s not just for the sake of it. They planned the program this way because they know that you’ll be fine and there’s enough people voting for you that you’ll advance through the rounds quite easily. Some think you’re the underdog but I don’t agree with that, I think you’re a real contender!”
Gordon: “Well I forget to check one thing about your act this week, the choreography, and it all goes wrong! We’ll have to agree that she forgot to put on proper underwear or corset or something……(other judges tell him off for being disrespectful to the flamenco dancer) What? The people at home saw all that as well and think that I’ve gone crazy putting her on stage with Rolf! Anyways Rolf, you put on a brilliant performance and although it may have been a bit neat but you really have a chance to win this X Factor 2011.”

Pyke Pos


0909-1309. Of sms PYKE naar 3131 "Father and Friend" (Alain Clark) - 9/10 - Nice man! This is a great song and coming from Pyke? Even better. He has a really nice jazzy tone that sounds beautiful in every song! Oh! His father joins him! How cute is that? Well, Pyke is a better singer of course but his pappa ain't bad! (Laughs) A great song and a great cover of it! VIDEO.

Angela: “Pyke, Pyke, Pyke with your father as well, Michiel Pors, who I know from the day, who was singing in the band Solution back then. The program today, as we heard earlier, is a bit about fathers too and I’ve got to admit that hearing this, it was very emotional. You’ve been supporting Shirley all week and this evening singing with your own father ... Now we heard where you get that ridiculously high voice from because he also has that same voice! When you’re performing I listen
through an ear piece and like last week I have to turn it down when you sing because it is a booming voice, well done. You know I’m a fan.”
Gordon: “Let’s start of by saying that you look great, finally the styling suits you and the show and you know that me being critical has had an effect. I have some friends who, since you’re on TV every week have a new ritual: Pyke kyke! ( translates to watching Pyke ). You’re a joy to watch and have an amazing voice and how great it must be to be able to sing here with your father! Well done.”
Ed van Tijn: “You could only pick this song if you have a father who can also sing so you’re quite lucky in that respect and you pulled it off fantastically. If you hadn’t you would’ve looked like a dick,but hey, it was top well done.”
Stacey: “I think we should release it as a single, no kidding! I think it was brilliant, the high notes at the end were flawless and caused a few chills down the spine here in the studio and I hope that the people at home felt that too. Awesome man!”



0909-1310. Of sms SWAY naar 3131 "Hit The Road Jack" (Percy Mayfield) - 8,5/10 - Mmm ... this is a wierd song choice Angela. Let's see what they have to offer ... Well, this ain't bad! Their vocals are amazing and this song really fits them. No more "Raise Your Glass" please.  I still heard some bad notes there but overall it was really perfect. Their outfits weren't good though but they work with this performance. A great comeback performance from the girls!  VIDEO.

Gordon: “At any moment I’m expecting you to welcome me to Disneyland, you look like hostesses. I think it’s a bit fuddy duddy. I know the theme is remember the time and maybe you have a lot of memories with this song but I would like to have seen a different style, this was a bit starsisters meet …….I would like to see more of a Sugar Babes style with you three. The harmony was a bit off at the beginning but the ending was perfect and I’m a huge fan of that blond and petite doll……….”
Ed van Tijn: “What I find disappointing is that you don’t want to be seen as cute but there are three cute girls on stage giving us a cute performance and I thought it was ok but not good enough for your capabilities. I miss the fire and conviction that you girls had in you at the beginning of X Factor, it seemed you were a little scared. It’s a shame that you lack that same conviction and fire you had.”
Stacey: “It’s true that in harmony, you were off tone and key a couple of times but it was only small parts. Apart from that I think you were brilliant, the choreography was excellent and you really gave us a performance and that’s what we want to see here at X Factor. The styling, with those bow tie’s ……. It’s like a present we had to unwrap.”
Angela: “I do not agree with my fellow judges because I thought it was terrific. I think you’re such a wonderful group and you sing really well together. Last week you shouldn’t have been in the sing off in my opinion and I truly hope that this week that doesn’t happen again! You deserve to go through to next week because it was terrific girls.”

Rochelle Perts


0909-1311. Of sms ROCHELLE naar 3131 "Superwoman" (Alicia Keys) - 9,5/10 - Rochelle tells Simon she doesn't know who she is! Simon says he's frustrated! Girl, you should never answer that question like that!  Well, she cries. Simon says she's got a confidence issue, I don't think that's the case. OMG! Amazing vocals! She's giving it the swagger she didn't deliver last week. Her voice sounds amazing on Alicia but I think she should consider singing a song out of her confidence song and add to it her own spin. Still this was great and I love the look! Yet, I prefer the curly afro. I'd like you going crazy next week! VIDEO.

Stacey: “I had to force my mouth shut about 6 times when listening to you, incredible what you can do with that voice and incredible who you are too. You’re unique and I’m truly impressed, you’re not only a superwoman, you’re a superstar!!”
Angela: “I received many reactions this week about you and I’m not even your coach! Simon Cowell was right in saying that you need to find an identity as singer and I’m certain you WILL find that musical path which suits you. You’re only 18 and have enough time to find your way. I’m a bit jealous of Erik and I thought last week’s performance was so good that I wasn’t sure how you were going to improve, but damn girl, you can sing!You’re such an interesting artist which has so much more
to give and you showed us a little of yourself when you were with Simon so I’m looking forward to seeing what else you have in store the coming 8 weeks.”
Gordon: “Rochelle shall I give you an energy boost because I think you could use it: You are not allowed to ever doubt yourself or your singing talent again because you can do ANYTHING you want with that voice and anyone should prize themselves lucky when working with you. With your quality you should never doubt if you’re going to make it because it will happen even if you didn’t persue it.”
Ed van Tijn: “Yeah we’re all a bit speechless so to say because you are so ridiculously good and likeable and sweet and soft and yet you effortlessly throw down that song with such power it’s amazing. I think Simon is talking out of his ass when he said it’s difficult to find a specific identity as a musician because you instantly hear what you should be singing………this kind of music! It was fantastic.”


Sim'Ran and Jantine are our Bottom 2! They perform, the judges vote. Jantine Mak is eliminated! Well, firstly I'm so not happy with this! Sim'Ran deserved to be there after a horrible performance but Jantine? Really? She had one of the best performances of the night, yeah, it was slow and not a big vocals type but it was still great! I hate it when jazzy singers are cut! They deserve a chance too and more after great performances! Janitine: Good luck! I'm so buying your album!

Yet again a fantastic show with mixed results. The audience was treated to a fabulous showwith some very touching moments. Now we wait on the verdict of the people voting at home to see which of the finalists we’ll see next week and who’ll have to sing again for their survival in the sing off.The lines closed and the votes counted, the first 5 to make it through are:
With this first cut the tension was noticeable on our remaining finalists faces as they wait while the voting was opened for a second time. On a side note, this year the finalists are wearing a heartbeat monitor which the people at home can see through the X Factor internet site. The highest recorded heartbeat from shows and was from Rochelle at 202 bpm!!! The last finalists going through automatically are in no particular order:
That leaves Sim’Ran and Jantine to battle for the remaining place in next round. For the sing off Jantine had taken off her shoes and really didn’t reflect any confidence in her second performance where as Sim’Ran put down a solid performnce yet again so an exit for Jantine loomed. The judges deliberated and came to a unnanimous descicion to keep Sim’Ran in the competition. Shame for all the “wholesome” lovers out there which was the label given to Jantine from the start of X Factor. She was a joy to see on television but just lacked the excelence that the others have.
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