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If Cæcilie Norby is one of Demark's jazz icons, Caroline Henderson is the swedish one. Swedish? Yes, she was born in Sweden. So why adding her in a Danish Week? Well, her success has been in Denmark, plus she's half danish. In 1989, she came into the spotlight as part of the group Ray Dee Ohh. After the band disbanded, she went solo, releasing her first album "Cinemataztic" on 1995, which spawned two hits, "Made in Europe" and "Kiss Me Kiss Me". Then she released 9 more albums, being "Keeper of the Flame" the latest, released on October 26, 2009. Caroline's music is not strictly jazz. Her soulish voice clearly step her apart from some of jazz cliches, such as slow soft songs. For instance, "Kiss Me Kiss Me" is a song full of funk which shows a raspy big tone in Caroline's voice. Maybe a better classification for her would be funk jazz, or just funk, cause that's what I feel when I hear to her.

Buy her album and check some videos after the JUMP ...

Buy "Keeper of the Flame" HERE (DK) or HERE (DE).

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