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Nanna Øland Fabricius, or as the world knows her, Oh Land, is probably the biggest new star to come from Denmark. The Copenhagen singer has been reciving lots of hype this past months, including a series of VEVO videos and many music sites appearences. I like to say I knew her before all this hype happened and I regret not including her on the MDS Sound of 2011 when I spotted her! A former ballet dancer, which  is a really  a big influence for her music, Oh Land has released two albums to date. A small independent album titled Fauna, and her major eponymous debut, which was released on March 14, 2011 by Epic. With her quirky, almost shy voice, she has created a really unique sound which is a great addition to any music library. Her best song to date is probably "White Nights" which not only feature incrediblly sweet vocals but also amazing lyrics, and that happens throughout her entire album. You may wonder why I kept her for last, well, best for last, right?

Buy "Oh Land" and check some videos after the JUMP ...

Buy "Oh Land" HERE (DK) or HERE (US).

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