The final 6 performers are back with Rock Week!!! Plus we have three amazing duets tonight!!

Read my recap, watch the performances and learn who was eliminated after the JUMP ...

Olle Hedberg

In the Shadows (The Rasmus) - Mmm, I was expecting this and I'm not sure I like it. It does have Olle's unique sound but this hard rocker vibe doesn't fit him. He's much better in the soft rocker/indie vibe. This is a good and really enjoyable performance and a big change from what we are used to. Too much for a change, go back to the old Olle please! The ending was incredible however!

Elin Blom

I Surrender (Rainbow) - Oh! This isn't workin at all! Her voice continues to improve but the whole performance isn't working. It feels old and I know it all has to do with song choice! I've never heard this song, that means is really, really old, tough I'm not saying I'm old ... It's like an 80s performance and I wouldn't buy that! Good vocals, boring performance.

Jay Smith

Rocks (Primal Scream) - Jay starts sit on the audience. I'm liking this performance more than his previous but his vampire look doesn't appel to me. He's tone is a bit unpleasant for me and I don't know why but his performances bore me to hell! They are all really similar and there's no vocal variety on them. It's time to get rid of this one ...

Linnea Henriksson

Dance with Somebody (Mando Diao) - What song is this??!! Mando Diao??? What's that?! Not my favourite Linnea performance, like Elin, a horrible song choice! I like the wierd dancig and her tone but this song ... Yikes!! The ending was really great! When she started running and screaming and ended in the floor!!! OMG!!! What was that?!! And the ending??!! Linnea was definitely on drugs this week!! And I loved her!!! I might have been on drugs too ...

Minnah Karlsson

Jump (Van Halen) - The best song choice of the show! This is a real ROCK song!! WOW!! Minnah is sounding amazing!! I love her as a rocker! The chorus sounds incredible with her voice and I'm really enjoying this performance! She's singing it strangely and is doing wierd sounds but it absolutely works!! Minnah once again is stealing the show!!! Sweden was so wrong in eliminating her the first time!!! She might actually win this!!!

Andreas Weise

Start Me Up (The Rolling Stones) - Love this song!! And Andreas look!! He has stolen Jay's clothes! And eyeliner! See?! This is a performance from Andreas I'm hating! He's sort of changing his voice and making it sound raspy, why??! Where's that Michael Buble-ish but more powerful sound you had? I like the arrengment but this song is massively wierd!!


Jay Smith and Linnea Henriksson

Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2) - I'm loving this duet!!!! Linnea's and Jay's voices blend perfectly!! And I'm actually liking Jay on this duet! It's not so monotonus as always! And Linnea!! WOW!!! She's back!! Her great voice is still there!!! The best duet of the night for sure!!! The ending wasn't great and I didn't see it coming, however, I loved it!!!

Elin Blom and Minnah Karlsson

Calleth you, cometh I (The Ark) - I'm not understanding a single word they are saying! Minnah is definitely better than Elin on this one. She has more vocal power and intensity. Elin looks a bit bland compared with her. But I enjoyed this performance, specially the chorus!

Andreas Weise and Olle Hedberg

Gimme some lovin' (The Spencer Davis Group) - They are both playing the rockers again??!!! Why?!! Their voices don't sound like always, they seem different singers! A really good duet but I don't get it! It's not them!!! What was that ending?! They ended on the floor?! Wierd ...

ELIMINATION!!!! The Bottom 2, surprisingly were, Elin Blom and Linnea Henriksson!! Elin was a right choice, she sub-performed and she was a bit boring. But Linnea?? She rocked the stage!!! Maybe her song choice was what put her in that position, it was really horrible!! The eliminated contestant is ........ Elin Blom!!!! I will miss her but it won't change my life! She was a really good performer but she didn't have such a powerful voice! Hopefully, she gets an amazing record deal as Tove Styrke did and releases an incredible album!
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