It's Elton Johns's night!! I wonder why they have chosen this theme after what Elton said about the show ... It's time to face the music!

UPDATE: Aiden Grimshaw is eliminated!! Watch the sing-off too ...

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ....

My favourites tonight: Matt, Cher and Rebecca. The night was mainly ok, but this three really stand out! Matt and Rebecca delivered perfect and touching performances once again, being definitely the top performances of the night. And Cher did the most unique thing ever with a song like that!! Who would have tought Elton John and rap could work together?

What's wrong with this weekend?? The tension could be cut by a knife, Louis is on his day and Cheryl is Minnie Mouse!!!! Wierdest weekend ever!!

Paije Richardson

"Crocodile Rock" 0901 61 61 101 - Paije was one of the extras on Harry Potter! Didn't know that! I HATE this song!! It's so bland and dull. But I love Paije's voice!! Again, he can make magic with any song!! It's pure funk and it makes me feel happy! I always have a smile on my face when he's performing! And his outfits!!! I won't wear any of them but it certainly fits him! Really good performance! I hope he stays! Maybe being first could ruin his chances ... I love Dannii shuting Louis up!

Aiden Grimshaw

"Rocket Man"0901 61 61 102 - This is such a good song choice!!! He' standing between two pianos. Did I mentioned that I love Aiden's introduction?! I'm loving his sound and phrasing, still, he's failing on some notes and this isn't such an intense performance as his previous ones. But the second part, WOW!! He's voice is sounding terrific!! Dannii is an amazing mentor!! She keeps bothering Louis!! Love her!

Mary Byrne

"Can You Feel the Love Tonight"0901 61 61 103 - Mary's huge voice is back but I don't feel the same for her now. She's become boring!! Where's the amazing and charming singer we met at the auditions? I want some bigger song for her, I miss her being wicked!! However, I LOVED her voice in this song!! And she looks stunning!! I've to agree with Dannii, she was a bit shacky at the beggining and I agree, still, a massive performance.

Katie Waissel

"Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting"0901 61 61 104 - Oh God! I love this girl so much but this song is so wrong!! The meaning of this song is absolutely appropiate for Katie but the performance isn't good! I would've loved to see her singing "Your Song" for instance. This is ... different. She's loads of backing singers and special effects. Her voice was good in parts but I don't know, it felt wrong. She will end in the Bottom again after this, and I'm really sorry! Louis and Cheryl are killing themselves, Cheryl is really pissed with Louis! Chilll out!!!

Matt Cardle

"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"0901 61 61 105 - Is Matt ever going to fail? It doesn't look possible!! He's always on tune and he hits all the notes. He has a beautiful recording voice and it's unique! Plus, he looks really cute!! So what more could you ask? He's the perfect pop star! I wouldn't be impressed if this guy wins, it may need many trainwrecks for that not to happen! This performance: AMAZING!

Cher Lloyd

"Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word"/"Mockingbird"0901 61 61 106 - I'm intrigued with this performance. Cher is putting her rappy style to one of the slowest songs ever! And I love it!! Plus, she's mashing it with "Mockingbird"!!! This is the most original performance of the night!! Adding rap to this song?! OMG!! She killed that song!!! PERFECT SONG for her!! And she does look like a mini Cheryl!!


"I'm Still Standing"/"Circle of Life" 0901 61 61 107 - This is stupid! This guy can't still be here!! He's this year's Jedward. At least that guys could sing a bit!!! This monster can't!! JUST HORRIBLE AND HEDIOUS!

One Direction

"Something About the Way You Look Tonight" 0901 61 61 108 - I never liked them and I never will, but this performance isn't bad! Yes, Liam is sinking but Harry and Zain are really improving! I love the staging also. I hate the chorus, it's very boyband, and I hate manily all boybands. Still think Louis and Niall are total fodders, but Harry's voice was actually perfect tonight! Simon said he thinks a group could win this year! Ha! He's saying that beacuse he's the mentor!

Rebecca Ferguson

"Candle in the Wind"0901 61 61 109 - Last week's staging would be perfect for this performance! I love this song for her!! She looks really beautiful tonight! Her voice sounds so fantastic!!! Rebecca's voice is really unique and each week I note it more. It's like Corinne Bailey Rae meets Adele meets Duffy!! The best voice in this show, in any season!! She's got the performance of the night for sure!!! And she definitely can win this!

It's an all boyband night! JLS, Westlife and Take That perform on tonight's show! And Take That are reuniting for the first time in 15 years!! Yes, Robbie Williams is joining them! But now, THE RESULTS! The first act in is ... Cher Lloyd!! Also in are ... Matt Cardle, Rebecca Ferguson and One Direction. The obvious so far ... The next act in is ... Wagner! WTF? Really? You gotta be kidding me? It's not funny!! Mary Byrne is also in! Only one more act! The final act definitely returning is ... Paije Richardson!!!! SHOCK!!! Aiden Grimshaw and Katie Waissel are in the Bottom 2!!!!! I'm not liking this ....


Aiden Grimshaw

"Don't Dream It's Over" - I think he'll stay. His voice is so interesting and perfect! He's singing this song really beautifully, however there are some bad notes and a little off tune singing. But I LOVE Aiden!!! His faces and the way he moves on stage is amazing. I wonder why he even is here ...

Katie Waissel

"Save Me from Myself" - OMG!!! She's singing this so good!!! Much better than Aiden indeed! Why isn't Cheryl picking this type of songs for her performances, she won't even be in the bottom! Again, I love all about her! She's such a fighter, anyone in that position will be cryin and crying. This will be a tough elimination ....

VOTATION TIME! I'm absolutely hating this bottom! I don't want any to leave! Simon is first. He says he likes them both but is eliminating Aiden!  Katie is about to faint on stage! Cheryl is backing her own act and so does Dannii. The decision is on Louis again! Louis says he's saving the person who has more to give to the competition, so he's eliminating Katie! They are even! It's DEADLOCK! The person with the lowest number of votes is .... AIDEN GRIMSHAW!!!! SHOCKER!!! Aiden Grimshaw is eliminated!!!!! My jaw has never been so open!!!! I can't believe this!!! I want to cry now!! I didn't want Katie to leave but I'd accepted it. But Aiden? We shouldn't be blaming Katie on that, we should blame Wagner!!! Or even Louis!!! Or the judges!!! They put it here, Louis chosen him as a finalist and he just s**ks!! Please, eliminate the elder!!!
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