The five remaining acts are performing homemade songs!! It's Aussie night!! Finally, a more decent theme ... Whose performance will be deportated? ... It's time to face the music!

UPDATE: Luke and Joel are elimintaed! Watch the sing-off too ...

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

Mel B is mentoring the kids this week! What does Scary Spice have to say?

Luke and Joel

"White Noise" (The Living End) - This what I was talking about last week! This is what they should be singing! ROCK! Their vocals are really cool on songs like this and they feel really powerful! A really huge improvement after last week shaky performance! And they are proving they belong here! Bad thing, Luke's vocals are not so good, he should remain being the backing singer, Joel is the voice!

Sally Chatfield

"Everything I'm Not" (The Veronicas) - I'm really digging how she's sounding tonight! She's actually putting her own spin in that song! Fire! Again, she  actually makes me remember Kelly Clarkson! Her vocals are insane and her stage prescence is getting bigger and bigger! WTF? She has just smooched the guitarist! She nailed that performance!! Kyle is kissing Nat! Things have gone out of control now ...

Andrew Lawson

"Black and Gold" (Sam Sparro) - She'll add some coreography tonight, and I love this song ... He's actually not dancing but he's having loads of dancers! And man! This is so amazing!! Terrific coreographic work! And the scat is back!! The best performance of the series I'd say! He's vocals are sounding amazing but what makes this incredible are the dancers! It makes me remember to Wagner's performances where the only good thing are the dancers, but Andrew also has the voice!! Congrats kid, you've just earned thousands of votes ...


"The Horses" (Daryl Braithwaite) - Mel B has told the girls to show their individualities, interesting ... They'll be first hearing the arrengment tonight. I love this girls more and more each week! They've four massive voices and they look really good! I like this song but I won't have picked it for them, maybe something more upbeat. But wait, they are sounding incredible!! And they actually showed individuality but also showed they are a group! Maybe one of their best performances ...

Altiyan Childs

"Never Tear Us Apart" (INXS) - Altiyan has once more the best place. Maybe they could try pimpimng another contestant sometime ... He's voice however, is insane! Love how the stage looks and the orchestra behind him! This is another massive Altiyan performance! He's no stop and hasn't failed once since bootcamp! Where is the man who forgot his lyrics everytime he opened his mouth? Altiyan is only one step for winning! That ending wasn't right, too abrupt. Maybe he should have pulled out a huge note, but yes, it was fantastic!

Jessica Mauboy and Jason DeRulo are performing on tonight's show!! And they nailed it!! 100 times better than last week performances! But now, RESULTS TIME! First act through is ... Sally Chatfield!! Also in is ... Altiyan Childs!! The final act going through is ... Andrew Lawson!! Luke and Joel and Mahogany are in the Bottom 2!! Guy will only have one act by the end of tonight! And until when are the judges going to decide who's in and who's out, wasn't it until the Top 5?


Luke and Joel

"Human" (The Killers) - I love this song! They are singing it really good! Some bum notes but they are good! It'll be sad to see them go but someone has to and Mahogany won't! Joel should be a solo singer, why is Luke not singing? He just opening his mouth but not singing! Totally useless! Not a single note came out from his mouth!


"Stand Up for Love" (Destiny's Child) - They've got the voice, the looks and the personalities! So why they are constantly hitting the Bottom 2?! Beautiful singing and harmonies. They are definitely staying! Luke and Joel were good but not as good as Mahogany! Massive notes and pitch perfect!

VOTATION TIME! Ronan is voting to eliminate Mahogany! WTF?! Nat is eliminating Luke and Joel and Kyle also does! So that's 2 to 1. But Guy wants to send it to deadlock, so he eliminates Mahogany! We are going to DEADLOCK!! The act with the fewst votes is ... Luke and Joel!!! Luke and Joel are eliminated!! Finally a sensate decision!
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