1st Place: iamamiwhoami: The swedish mysteious project is the ultimate winner!! She definitely deserved to win because she's simply the most unique act in the list, and she's an incredible singer! Congrats, I'll follow you very closely ...  Check her post HERE.
2nd Place: Bright Light x2: The welsh singer who resambles a male version of Ellie Goulding has claimed an amazing 2nd place! The only thing left is to wait for his upcoming debut, which will surely be incredible ...Check his post HERE.
3rd Place: Aurea: The portuguese jazz sensation claims the 3rd spot after a strong campaign from Portugal! A clear front runner since day one, it's definitely a surprise she's not the winner! Still, this young talented lady has a great future ahead! And I'll surely follow it! Check her post HERE.
4th Place: Sunday Girl: The former pet shop girl, is getting really popular! Known by her covers and now by her own music, there's no doubt that we are going to see a lot from her, if not an incredible album! She wasn't a BBC act but she's 4th at this one! Better than nothing!! Check her post HERE.
5th Place: Jessie J: The english singer should be over the moon, she was crowned the winner of the BBC Sound of 2011 and also awarded with the BRIT Critics Choice, plus coming 5th in the MDS Sound of 2011! This pop/rap star is here to stay ... Check her post HERE.

UPDATE: The poll will close on January 8! The results will be announced, as in the BBC poll, one per day, starting the same day is closed beggining with the Top 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1, which will be announced January 13!

Much in the style of the BBC Sound of ... polls, I've decided that it'd be a terrific idea to do my own poll!!! As many know, the list features the most promising music acts for the coming year. So, in the next days, I'll post my Top 24 acts, that'd be a post for each act featuring its music and my comments on them, and you'll be able to vote for them (either here or in the sidebar)!!!!! There will be 2 votation stages. The first will feature all the 24, divided in 2 polls of 12 acts each. You can vote as much as you want, selecting three acts, being able to vote on both polls! Then, in the second stage, the Top 12 acts, that's the 12 acts with the most votes (both polls considered) will be in a new poll where the winner will be decided! Who will have the sound of 2011?!!

Complete Results :

iamamiwhoami: 1st
Bright Light x2: 2nd
Aurea: 3rd
Sunday Girl: 4th 
Jessie J: 5th
Yadi: 6th
Katy B: 7th
Lauren Pritchard: 8th
Rachel Furner: 9th
Sky Ferreira: 10th
Kimbra: 11th
Spark: 12th

Top 24 poll result after the JUMP ...

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