This new section is focused on Hollywood contestants, more precisely, Top 40 ones, who weren't featured on the audition episode but did audition in that city. This article contains Top 40 spoilers, so, if you want to avoid them, don't keep reading!

Aaron Sanders


Atlanta, GA. 26. He made it to the Top 50 in S7. He's got a beautiful voice, very sweet and powerful. A nice phrasing and tone, and he's also a pianist. My problem with him is that there are already 5 or 6 other guys with the same musical style in the Top 40, for instance, Jordan Dorsey, who was one of my favourites and has almost the same voice this guy has. Still, I love him but if many contestants like him are put through it won't be very good. YouTube HERE.

Alex (Alexander) Ryan


Glen Rock, NJ. 17. Alex sings in a band called Blind Impact. He used to be a hip hop dancer but then switched to singing, or actually started singing, when he was a freshman. Judging from the video below and from his audition photo, this kid seems to still be looking for a style, and what we need is someone who is already defined. His voice is pretty good, he hits the high notes but it's not too unique. His performing abilities are excellent, it remids me of a young Adam Lambert. He nails the stage but I don't think it's enough.

Jessica Cunningham 

Portland, ME. She has tried for Idol 7 times! Made it to the Top 50 last year and to Hollywood in 2008. She was featured last year in the group who "stole" Siobhan's dance moves, along with Page Miles. She's certainly one of the hottest chicks of the season! She has a really strong voice! Nice phrasing, tone and I could even feel a raspy sound there. She wants to be a rock star and I really think it could fit her! She's got the look and the voice, so why not?  MySpace HERE.

Pia Toscano


Howard Beach, NY. She has already made it to Hollywood in S6, in which she was featured. She's got a nice voice, reminds of Katie Stevens or even to Kelly Clarkson. She's one of those pop contestants who will likely sing a Celine Dione tune. Although I like her vocals, which are pretty sweet, with a cool phrasing and tone, I don't know who to place her in the competition. Will have to see her in Hollywood ... Facebook HERE. MySpace HERE. YouTube HERE.

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