This new section is focused on Hollywood contestants, more precisely, Top 40 ones, who weren't featured on the audition episode but did audition in that city. This article contains Top 40 spoilers, so, if you want to avoid them, don't keep reading!

We didn't really miss that much from NOLA, cause they really did an amazing job showcasing the Top 40, just two female contestants, who are the following.

Erin Kelly 


Bradenton, FL. 20. She's adopted and a  Mary J Blige fan. Can't find much about this girl, video is almost impossible, so I'll accept any link. From her Idol interview, I already love this girl! She's got personality! Fun, cool voice and knows exactly what to say. Can judge her singing cause I haven't found any. Facebook HERE.

Lauren Turner 

New Orleans. She already made it to Hollywood in 2004! Long time! Wonder why she waited so much to try again ...  I love her style, she's sort of a Brodway diva. She's got a bluesy big voice, she actually won a Christina Aguilera impersonation contest when she was younger. Her MySpace songs are not good at all but her voice is really good as I can judge from her performances with cover band, BandCamp. I like this girl!  MySpace HERE. Facebook HERE.

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