As you probably figured out, the amazing Clare Maguire was robbed in the BBC Sound of 2011, only coming in a miserable 5th place! Still, I believe this precious soulstress will outsell all the acts on that list and probably all in my list too. Here we have the debut of her second single's music video, "The Last Dance", which is released on February 20, 2011, being the album, "Light After Dark" released February 28, 2011, which means we'll have to wait a long time since we hear that amazing record, and yes, I consider almost two moths a long time. Still, we have this fantastic video to entertain ourselves, with probably some of the best vocals and visuals of the year, and we're just starting ... The song is actually really Adele-ish, big powerful soul voice. The video is a masterpice, it's already on my list of best music videos of 2011!

Watch the music video and pre-order her album after the JUMP ...

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