This new section is focused on Hollywood contestants, more precisely, Top 40 ones, who weren't featured on the audition episode but did audition in that city. This article contains Top 40 spoilers, so, if you want to avoid them, don't keep reading!

Ashton Jones


Nashville, TN. She has sang in church choirs and has also released an introduction CD. She's very Syesha Mercado, which is one of my favourite contestants. A huge voice, very RnB/funk sound. She's got control and lots of stage presence. Ashton can do really well on Idol but she'll have to make it current. RnB divas never do well on Idol and this girl may probably have the same fate. MySpace HERE. Facebook HERE.

Colton Dixon 


Mufreesboro, TN. He auditioned with his sister, Schyler, who also made it to Hollywood and subsequently to the Top 60. He's in a band called The Messenger. I love his hair and look!! It makes me think about Aiden Grimshaw, I hope he's as intense as him! His voice has an interesting tone and he can hit the high notes, very rocky vibe coming from this one. He seems to be amazing live! Really looking forward to hearing him!  Facebook HERE.

Kendra Campbell 


Loudon, TN. She likes strong women and is a Carrie Underwood fan. She's got something interesting and unique. Like her a lot. She is definitely country with a folk/blues vibe. Her voice is really amazing, very similar to featured contestant Jackie Wilson. I see her doing great in the show! Her performances are really dinamic and quircky, would love seeing her on TV!!  MySpace HERE.

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