Yesterday, January 28, 2011, a brand new season of the XF Netherlands took off! With it's four judges returning, Eric van Tijn, Stacey Rookhuizen, Angela Groothuizen and Gordon Heuckeroth. Hosts, Wendy van Dijk and Martijn Krabbé, also return after working on new successful show, which Angela also judged, The Voice of Holland. As I've done with the danish XF, I'll just recap the highlights, meaning that contestants who weren't speciallly good are not going to be featured. All contestants posted here have moved on to bootcamp.

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

This is another show I really love! As the original XF, the quality of the contestants is really superior, plus they deliver beautiful performances. I followed the third season last year but wasn't ready to recap it. But this year I am!! So I'm doing it!! Auditions aren't my fave part, I actually hate them a bit, especially to recap them, but since I'm only featuring the best, I guess it's not that hard!

Tania Christopher - 18 - I heard something about having an album on the RnB charts. Why is she dancing wierdly? She's got a big voice! Hot vocals!! She really knows what she's doing. A really professional audition and she's a good performer. Think she'll do really well in the liveshows. She actually reminds me of Sharon Kips, who won this show. However, I don't know if another singer like her should be in the liveshows, don't think she coyld bring anything new. Still, she's through!

Peter - He's a friend of Ben and Dean Saunders, brothers who won The Voice and Popstars respectively this year. He must be good ... OMG! He made the crowd crazy! Not my favourite voice yet. Too much going on there, Gordon's face!!!! Best performer for sure. He's in!! Wonder what the judges were thinking ...

Pyke - 28 - He's got sort of a Matt Cardle look. Like him. Interesting tone and phrasing, with a cool voice. His performance abilities aren't good however, he looks a bit nervous. But that voice, AMAZING! Of course his in!

Edwin Ruyer - He's blind. He's got a really good country/rock voice! Love it!! Never expected that big voice coming from there. He's singing again! One of the best so far! He still needs a make over, his looks isn't really relevent, but that voice is fabulous! He's one step away from the liveshows!!

Adlicious - The name sucks ... They said something about auditioning for the XF UK. OH! Nice vocals! Really good harmonies, their voices are so different that they work really great together. Lots of variety and uniqueness in this group. I'm liking them, a lot! An incredible acapella audition!!

Ferry de Ruiter - He's got something going on with his look, pretty interesting! Not expected that voice!! Very blue-eyed soul! Love this guy. He's has a really beautiful smooth tone, that voice is radio ready and will do an excellent bluesy album! Standing O! Of course he's in!

Melissa - Doesn't have what I'd call the look right now, a make over will work well on her. She's a communication student. WOW! She's got a really big RnB voice. Love Gordon's surprised face! An incredible surprise! This girl can make it far ...

Creme de la Femme - They are a five pice girl band, very Girls Aloud! Good singing and good dancing. They don't harmonize really well. A bit off tune but they are hot and that sums some extra points. I'm not mad about them but I like them, they are ok singers and pleasant to watch.

Tim Zuiderhout - Another soulish kid! Really quircky and interesting tone. Not the best english speaker, he missed some words but it sounded really nice still. His voice is incredible and with a little work on his performing he could be really good. Right now, he would get swallowed at bootcamp.

Hanneke Willems - (UPDATE: Hanneke told me that she's infections in her tights and doctors don't know what causes them. She also said she can walk but hurts really bad when doing it.) She's in a wheelchair but can walk. Wonder what happens to her. She's certainly beautiful and has an incredible look. OMG! Her voice is so amazing! She's a wonderful alto, rich, fresh tone. Love her! She was really emotional and her performance really touched me! My fave tonight!!!!

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