I'm not a fan of asking you for votes, and I guess I'll never be, but I happened to see this amazing awards and now I'm doing exactly what I don't like, asking, pleading, for votes. Is not that I need them, cause I love the way the blog is going, but some kind of recognizment would be very nice! They award the best blogs of the year, I'm not saying I'm the best, but I'd kill to appear on them! You can enter your nominations until January 16, so please, vote for me. You can vote for me for "Best Weblog About Music", "Best Disigned Weblog", "Best Writing for a Weblog" and "Weblog of the Year". If you vote for me, thanks a lot! If not, thanks anyway.

If you plan to vote for me, the name you have to enter is Mu$ic i$ the Door and the URL is, but I guess you already know that ...
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