Denmark's X Factor intrigues me. It has a misterious aura around it, don't know why, but I just feel it. Like all that happens is cold and supernatural. Still, it has an amazing quality, great contestants, a good stage and an equally good judging panel. My only critic is the number of contestants. I hate when they olny put 9 through to the liveshows, guess it's good if it's the first season but in the third? I hope they really get rid of it.  The talent poll, pretty impressing. I found myself supporting male contestants, and I never thought I would do that. My feeling after this season ended, I'm eagerly awating for the fourth!

Read my comments and ratings, watch the videos and VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITES after the JUMP ...

1. Anna Nygaard


2. Thomas Ring Petersen


3. Jesper Boesgaard


4. The Fireflies


5. Tine Midtgaard Madsen


6. 8210


7. Daniel Vengsgaard


8. Peter Søborg


9. In-Joy



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