BBC's Sound of  2011 winner, Critic's Choice Award Winner and also MDS Sound of 2011 5th place, dark popstar is back with a brand new music video!! Jessie J is releasing her debut album, "Who You Are" on March 28 but in the mean time, we have the release of the new amazing video of her second single, "Price Tag" which features B.o.B. and was released on January 28. The video, filmed mainly in a pink background, is, well, wierd. The mony tree was hilarious and her puppet like and doll outfits were sick!! And that's why I love Jessie! She's not the typical pop singer, nor has a typical voice. She stands out for being wierd, crazy and that's what I look in a star, craziness! I must confess I was dissapointed Clare Maguire didn't win the BBC Sound of, but this girl has an incredible voice and will surely made it big in both sides of the ocean!!

Watch the music video and check her album cover after the JUMP ...

Buy "Price Tag" HERE.

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