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AI hits cajun musical New Orleans!! Since I love this town, just ignore my super excitement but it was time Idol went back to this iconical city! Do you expect some Katrina sob stories? Let's hope not, but it's a strong possibility. Let's see what this jewl has in store for us ...

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Idol kicks off with a teary Blake Patterson who had just auditioned. "He won't be going to Hollywood" ... cause he sucks! Mardi Gras peeops! We have a video of Ryan back in S4 speaking an awful French. And now auditions start!!! Steven has a bad chair, let's hope it's not a sing.

First up is Jordan Dorsey: 21. La Place, LA. He's a piano and singing teacher. Student say he's an excellent teacher. Must be good ... OMG! He's got a beautiful soulish voice. Beautiful note changing, he hits the higer notes perfectly. An amazing "Over the Rainbow" cover! What a way to kick off the night! That's one of the best auditions I've seen. Of course three yeses!  VIDEO HERE (Top 40)

Ha! Gator country! They are showing some bad auditions, but I thought some of them were pretty good., for instance Najsha Palmer and Kiana Cardona, who told Randy not to stop her.

Sarah Sellers: 28. Richardson, TX. Beautiful and funny girl, but unfortunately doesn't have the Idol look. She's got Steven's lips, which aren't a family trait. She's an analyst and a music and food blogger. She's got an stunning voice, beautiful phrasing and tone. One of my favourites. She's going to Hollywood. She says they made her year.  It would be a shame if they cut them early! VIDEO HERE

Jovany Barreto: 23. Harvey, LA. His Cuban-American born. He says he'll take his shirt off after the audition. He brings his whole family, very LOUD! I just hate this guy. Loves Jennifer and husband, so he sings an spanish boring song. Unfortunately, you'll have to see more of him. He's starting to strip and convinces Randy and Steven to also do it. Jennifer says "What the heck just happened here!" and all that it told me was BAD ACTRESS! Loud!! Shut his famiily up!!  VIDEO HERE (Top 40)

LA not so fun facts ... Randy's a Baton Rouge local.

Jacquelyn Dupree: 24. Summit, MS. She has a surprise for Randy, she has highshcool photos of him.  Her uncle was Randy's coach! Wierd moment. She sings a nice cover of "I'll Stand By You", beautiful phrasing and pleasant notes. So she's going to Hollywood!! VIDEO HERE

Brett Loewenstern: 16. Boca Raton, FL. He's got big reb permanent like curls. He was bothered at school and wants to prove being different is ok. He says Steven waved at him, Steven doesn't remembers that of course. His speaking voice is incredibllt annoying. His singing, however, is beautiful. He's gor a high pitched, Chris Cofler-ish voice! Fabulous! 3 big yeses! Why is his family looking at him through a TV?! They never do that! Act surprised says Rayan. VIDEO HERE (Top 40)
Gabriele Franks: 24. Baton Rouge, LA. He says he won a Steven Tyler look alike contest? Really? He can't stick his number! He's a freak!! Of course he's singing "Bad Romance"! Crazy eyes! OMG! Shut up! Wierd, akward, crazy. VIDEO HERE

Some more crazy contestants. Alex Attardo: 18. New Orleans, LA. Ha! He says he was in the Idol Camp!! Way to kill that camp! He sucks really bad. "That camp really worked" says Randy "That's why they cancelled the camp". Think he can't believe it.  VIDEO HERE

Jaycee Badeaux: 15. Lafayette, LA. He's so cute! "Is 15 but looks 12" says Ryan, and he does! Love this kid! Want to hug him! Amazing sweet high pitched voice! And the wasting time part was excellent! The best from today? Yes!! I don't really like 15s but this one is incredible! Lots of emotion when he goes out! Not ...  VIDEO HERE (Top 40)
Paris Tassin : 23. New Orleans, LA. First and only big SOB STORY today. Paris got pregnant at 18 years old. and her baby was diagnoised with hydrocephalus. The doctors suggested to terminate the preganancy, but she decided to go forward. Her baby has hearing loss. She says she's singing for her. Love her voice but  she shouldn't sing Carrie, their voices are too similar. Still, very powerful and emotional audition! Jennifer and Paris are both crying! She's got three yeses!! VIDEO HERE

31 contestants made it to Hollywood! Next week, Milwaukee!
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