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It's finally here!!! Season 10 of AI starts now! After lots of rumours and mystery, the departure of Ellen DeGeneres, Kara Dio Guardi, and most importantly, the biggest attraction of the show, Simon Cowell, the new panel has been unveiled! Randy Jackson and Nigel Lythgoe return, joined by music stars Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler! They will also team with Jimmy Iovine, who will serve as an in-house mentor to the contestants. My opinion, this season will be amazing!! With a "revamped" format, or at least that's how they want to paint it, having added days to Hollywood Week and a yet uncertain new semifinal round, which will include wildcards, this season promises to overshadow last season failure, keeping a bigger focus on the talent! Keeping it short, after 10 years, this season feels brand new and that never happens after that amount of time. 

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Day 1

Auditons kick off in New Jersey!! An introduction of all stated before, new judges, blah, blah, blah. Oh!! A brand new intro!!! Adam Lambert, Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson included, plus the winners! Love they did that! 125M auditioned!! I hate that kid in the intro, Scott McCreery. WTF?! A transformer? Some boring 9 minutes but it left me a bit excited! Auditions begin now!!

Rachel Zevita: 22. NY/NY. She's a repeat contestant. She auditioned in S6 and made it to Hollywood. Jennifer says she remembers her. I like her voice, kind of classical but interesting. Raspy and a bit indie. A bit shaky still.  She says that when she auditioned for the "famous" judges, she uses the inverted comas, not me, they weren't her idols. She's through with 3 yeses! She could be good. VIDEO HERE. (Top 40 but Quit)

Caleb Hawley: 25. NY/NY. Worst joke ever by Steven. "We are all here cause we are not all there"? Was it necesary? Love this guys voice! Soulish very James Morrison. Some bum notes but the whole performance was incredible! Amazing tone and phrasing. Steven clapped and sang along! 3 yeses! VIDEO HERE

Kenzie Palmer: 15. West Middlesex, PA. First 15 year old of the season! If they are all like this I'm all for them! This girl has potential! Hit the notes, sang beautiful and love her phrasing, she's got a country tone, but not very intense. Steven and Randy say they're not feeling it?! What?! She was feeling it!! Still, 3 yeses! VIDEO HERE

Montage of yeses, not singing however. They are Jerome BellJessica Cunningham and Pia Toscano, whose another repeat contestant as well as Jessica, who was featured last season. Jessica looks hot! (The 3 are Top 40 contestants)

Achille Lovle. 25. Bronx, NY. First bad audition of the season. I can't even recognize that song, it sounded like some african song. Steven cuts her. She says she has an accent,  no it's not, it's cause you suck. Jennifer can't say no! Come on! She says she wants to go home! Funny? Not. VIDEO HERE

Opinion so far? Not missing Simon but still not feeling the chemistry between the judges, but I'll give them a shot, they are new at this. The talent, pretty good!

Tiffany Rios: 21. Morris Plains, NJ. I actually laugh when she showed how to comb her hair. And I never laugh when they show this things. BIPOLAR ALERT. She looked all happy and now is crying and not crying again. WOW. She's to big stars in her boobies! She sang an original about making it to the next round. She sings again without the stars, I really like her voice! She's got some big pipes! She's not train wreck, just a bit crazy.  Still, more personality than voice. 3 yeses and she's through! VIDEO HERE

Robbie Rosen: 16. Merrick, NY. First SOB STORY! He was in a wheelchair when he was 5 but for some months. His parents didn't take photos of her. Don't see that as a big sob story. He's got a nice tone, nice phrasing, a nice contestant. But nothing special, he's just not my cup of tea. He's got 3 yeses, judges love him.  VIDEO HERE (Top 40)

Chris Cordeiro: 18. North Arlingon, NJ. Major nerd! He's a boy scout, filmed a "don't text while you drive" video. Horrible look, horrible voice. Jennifer asks if he was fishing!! Worst audition so far! Even if it wasn't that bad. He can't believe they say no! Poor kid but you suck.

Michael Perotto: 19. Worcester, MA. Most disgusting contestant ever! Goes in burpting! On TV!! Worst version of "Proud Mary" ever! Jlo says “Make him stop” and Steven says “Did you eat a lot of paint chips as a child?".  Guy looks pissed. He's singing again, of course it's worse. He won't leave! He looks 30 and is only 19?!  Goes out saying "Ouch", says Randy made him stop, he did cause you suck! VIDEO HERE

Ashely Sullivan: 25. Springfield, MA. She's wierd. Crazy. Loves Brit Brit, she's the typical stalker. That's how I imagine Siobhan's audition was, crazy, wierd, akward. With all this craziness, I love her!! Big beautiful theatrical voice! That energy and that voice would work perfectly in Brodway, she definitely belongs there! But she'll also be perfect for Idol! She's beggin on the floor! And now is doing a crazy singing there! Another BIPOLAR ALERT! Randy says no. Jennifer loves her, she says yes. Steven says yes too! She's going to Hollywood. She ripped apart her Golden Ticket! Craziest audition ever! VIDEO HERE

Victoria Huggins: 16. Lumberton, NC. She's a sweet 16 year old girl! And she's the most annoying contestant in Idol history! Her talking voice sound if she had eaten helium. Annoyment! Randy says she seems like the speak of a pegeant. Wierd face, they say that's a compliment. I actually like her voice but she's so annoying I could ever watch her perform. She's pure personality. She's got 3 yeses but please, don't show her anymore. VIDEO HERE

Melinda Ademi: 16. Yonkers, NY. A real sob story. She's from Kosovo, her family are war refugees, they came to America after winning the green card lottery. See, Robbie, this is a real sob story! She's got a nice singing, beautiful tone. May be a bit too ordinary still, she needs to make it more unique in the next round. Steven says “You won the lottery twice", and she's through to Hollywood with 3 yeses. VIDEO HERE

Day 2

Devyn Rush: 20. New Hope, PA. She's a singing waitress in Times Square. OMG! My favourite audition so far! Beautiful jazzy tone, very indie, she resambles Corinne. Lovely! And she did a delicious scat! The biggest voice I heard tonight. She needs a little work on her look but she could be a big superstar! 3 yeses! Judges say they love her! VIDEO HERE

Some bad talent but funny. And keeping with that bad talent, Yoji “Pop” Asano: 25. Brooklyn, NY/Japan. is next. A japanese wierdo. "What's your story?" "My Story?" .............................. He says he had imitated Michael Jackson before he was born? Oh, no! Miley Cyrus! Is that even english? Horrible dancing and singing. No, no, no. He's out. Contestants singing Miley! NO!! Oh! That was Shannon Livewell, I love that girl! VIDEO HERE

Brielle Von Hugel: 16. Staten Island, NY. Another youngster. She has a "sob story", well, her father does. He had throat cancer, now is cancer free. If she's not a good singer, she can always model, cause she's really pretty. She's singing "Endless Love". Pretty good, she certainly has a good voice and the look but I think she's more beauty than singer. Still some good notes. She brings her dad in. The judges put her through with him! VIDEO HERE

Travis Orlando: 16. Bronx, NY. Another favourite of mine. Also a sob story. He grew up in the Bronx, that qualifies as a sob story? Not that part at least. After his dad got sick, they lost their home and had to live in a shelter for a couple of years, now they don't. He has a twin brother, tough they don't look alike. I love this kid! He's got a Bruno Mars vibe, very soulish voice, a bit shaky yet. I like it! "Eleonor Rigby" is one of my favourites. Second song, "I'm Yours" is much better. He hit some big notes but I feel him really nervous. Three yeses!! He's going to Hollywood! Family runs to hug him! Emotional. VIDEO HERE

So, what do you think about the first show of the year? I finally ended loveing the judges! They've got chemistry and some fun lines. Steven could become my favourite. The talent ... really good. At least much better than previous years. I'll wait till Hollywood to judge that still ...
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