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Idol hits country's musical city by excellence! Many big country stars came out from this city, is the next idol here? Nigel seems to hope so, cause he has been pimping one of the contestants like crazy, saying she could be as Kelly. Steven is also shown saying they have found a winner here, will this be true? ...

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Day 1

Christine McCafferey – 27 – West Palm Beach, FL - She sounds annoying.  She comes in singing. Wierd! Judges say she should do voice over for cartoons, and yes, she should. This is one of the worst auditions ever but the funniest! The things she does with her voice are incredible but unfortunately sound awful. I really see her as a cartoon, let's say Family Guy, she'll be perfect for that show!! She thinks Steven said yes! No, he didn't! Ryan said he missed that scene! Too funy!!  VIDEO HERE.

Chelsee Oaks and Rob Bolin – 23 – Nashville - They were contestants on Can You Duet?, a short lived show which was won by Steel Magnolia. They were a couple at the time, now they are exes!!! But are auditioning together! Rob says auditioning together sucks, so why are you auditioning with her?! They lived together after they broke up! She has a new boyfriend now! Sad ... They sang a beautiful duet. Now they are solo. Rob's voice is amazing! Bluesy rock thing going on there! He's amazing. Now it's Chelsee's turn. She's incredible too!! Big voice, raspy tone and incredible phrasing! Love this duo! Hope they make it really far!!  VIDEO HERE.

Allen Lewis – 26 – Franklin Furnace, OH - Harley drunk guy look. He looks 50!! That was disturbing. Wierd voice and look, akward. They all said no of course but then he says: "Everything happens for a reason!" and leaves with a smile.  VIDEO HERE.

Stormi Henley - 19 - Crosville, TN - She's s Miss Teen USA! She's really gorgeous! And her name is kewl! Too cute ... She's got a pretty decent voice but it's too small, wonder who she'll deal with a bigger song. Boys say yes and Jennifer says no, which was the most reasonable thing. In a show like The Voice, she would have got cut. But she's beautiful, so she's through.  VIDEO HERE.

Adrienne Beasley – 22 – Wickliffe, KY - She's black but has white parents. She was adopted when she was 2. She lived in the country all her life, working in her parents farm. She wants to give them back what they gave her. She's got a nice country tone. It's something emotional in her voice, really nice. Judges like it and she's through with 3 yeses!! Outside she calls her father, who answers emotioned after her daughter's news: "Yeah, I'm tickled". Most unemotional man ever.  VIDEO HERE.

 Day 2

Kameela Meeks – 28 – Oak Grove, KY - She says she's got a huge voice. That's never good. She's all over the place! Off tune, fails in every high note. She's got three nos. A horrible audition. Randy is being mean, tells her not to practice anymore. She's really the new Simon ... VIDEO HERE.

Jackie Wilson – 28 – Nashville, TN - Big bluesy voice! Love this girl! She's got a cool Adele vibe but with a more country influence. That last big note was amazing! She'll do great in this competition! Judges love her, three massive yeses!! OMG!! What was that kiss?! Thought that was her father! He's like 20 years older!   VIDEO HERE. (Top 40)

LaToya “Younique” Moore – 26 – Nashville, TN -  She's like in a beauty pageant contestant. Pretty stupid. She brings her CD in but never gives it to the judges. Of course she's horrible. The most annoying contestant tonight, Christine at least was funny. Her number falls. She goes out singing. Please, find another dream. VIDEO HERE.

A quick montage of good contestants. Paul McDonald – 25 – Nashville TN - Really smooth tone, he's one of my favourites! Really good bluesy tone! Jimmie Allen – 25 – Franklin, TN - Another black contestant with a great voice! But again, he's just like Jerome Bell or Jordan Dorsey. Danny Pate – 23 – Auburndale, FL  - Cool big voice. Really good country vibe, a really good contestant. VIDEO HERE. (Paul and Jimmie are Top 40)

Matt Dillard – 27 – Cheatham County, TN - I think he said his family is a foster home for kids with special needs. His look is all wrong, it's pretty disgusting in my opinion. He looks dirty. His voice is really country, pretty good. Jennifer says no but Randy and Steven say yes. He's in! VIDEO HERE.

Lauren Alaina – 15 – Rossville, GA - She's the contestant who Nigel has been pimping! Of course she's got sort of a sob story. Her country was diagnosed with brain cancer. I'm sorrt for her but I'm not sure how is that a sob story for Lauren. She did a fund raiser for Holly. She brings her cousin in to her audition. She's got a nice voice, definitely country but not Kelly. She's good, hits the big notes and has a really popish tone. But she's not the best. Judges are really exagerating! Paul McDonald and Jackie Wilson were much better! She brings her whole family in! And now is singing "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" with Steven! Come on!!! Too much pimping!! I fear she may fall short in the liveshows just like it happened with Andrew Garcia or Didi Benami! VIDEO HERE. (Top 40)

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