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Idol heads to cheese city!!! This is the first time Idol has come to Milwaukee in 10 years! And of course we have cities illustrous contestant, Danny Gokey! Nigel pipmed this city as the best audition city ever, we'll have to see if that's true ...

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Day 1

We start with a bad duet by Steven and Randy. Wasn't Randy a good singer? At least he can even try to remember the lyrics ... First time in here! "We just like our cheese and beer" says a native. Danny Gokey montage ... Jennifer says the goal is finding the package, a phrase Kara DioGuardi made famous in her two seasons. People from all the country, blah, blah, blah. And now the first audition!!

Scott McCreery – 16 – Garner, North Carolina - He's a role model. Plays baseball. Mother looks like an 80s housewife. "You've a deep voice tells Jeniffer", he answers "I get that a lot". It gets deeper with his singing. It's nice, wierd. I'm not a deep voiced fan but this kid can be good if he stays away of country classical tunes, putting his old spin in an RnB tune let's say, cause right now he sounds a little bit old fashioned. What did Steven said about fucking a duck?? Country kid is through with 3 yeses!! VIDEO HERE. (Top 40)

Joe Repka – 19 – Swanton, OH - Oh, my! This won't be good, obviously. He studies communication , is a radio guy. Ryan tells him something wierd, can't get what he said. Joke contestant, of course. Can't be serious. He's 19??? Lord ... Horrible singing. "Don't quit your day job" says Steven. That's his mother or his granny? VIDEO HERE.
 Emma Henry – 15 – Littleton, CO - Came driving to her opportunity cause she just got her permit.  She's like a young Lilly Scott, love her! Talking about Lilly, when's the album out? She's got a really unique and interesting tone. Nice phrasing. She's really a little Lilly! She has the same type of quircky voice and style! Will she shine in Hollywood or sunk? That's the question. Jennifer says she's got a special quality. Randy thinks she'll get swallowed. Jennifer says no? Why?! Steven says yes and Randy obviously caves and says yes.  VIDEO HERE.

 Naima Adedapo – 25 – Milwaukee, WI - Milwaukee is home of one of the bigest music festivals, Summerfest. Next contestant is related to it. Cleaning. "That should be me!" she thinks while looking at the stage. She's certainly beautiful! Interesting look and personality. OMG! She's got a beautiful voice! Definitely my type, quircky, indie and a little hippie! Perfect! My favourite so far! Jennifer calls her package wise.  Jennifer calls Steven Steve and he corrects her. Randy calls him diva, well, sort of. The three say yes!! VIDEO HERE. (Top 40)
Jerome Bell – 27 – New York, NY - He's got a cool look! He's a weeding singer. Amazing vocals! Hot high notes perfectly hit. Still think there are putting to many similar contestants through. But that high notes were special, big soulful voice! Judges love him, 3 yeses! VIDEO HERE. (Top 40)

Thia Megia – 15 – Mountain House, CA - She was a contestant on America’s Got Talent, she says she's a highschool student. She had planned to audition next season but when they lowered the age limit she booked a flight. She's singing Adele!! Already love her. She does a kewl arrengment of "Chasing Pavements" which I must say is really difficult. Loved her voice! She's the first 15 I've loved, as well as Emma. All 15 kids who auditioned made it through, really?  VIDEO HERE. (Top 40)

Nathaniel Jones – 22 – Mount Zion, WI - He's a civil war idiot. What a way to kill TV time. "Hippie's believe in sex!", he says about his father. He's a joke, for sure. Lion King song! Come on! VIDEO HERE.

Mason Wilkinson – 23 – West Allis, WI - Randy tolds him to turn and take a breath. Hey! You had to turn back quickly. Too nervous to look at the judges. Worst audition ever. Go home! VIDEO HERE.

Molly DeWolf Swenson – 22 – Seattle, WA - Love her name!! She's a Harvard graduate and now is an intern at the White House! Come on! That girl is super inteligent! Randy kicked her in her mouth! So funny!!! "From the White House to American Idol" says Randy. She's got an amazing voice!! Really pleasant and beautiful alto. One of my favourites. Wonder how she'll do in Hollywood, if cut, please try again!! Cause you are amazing! Three yeses for the White House! VIDEO HERE.
Day 2

Hayley Reinhart – 18 – Wheeling, IL - She auditioned last season and was told to come back this year. Totally paid off! She's got a big soul raspy voice! Another early favourite!! Why did they tell her no the last time?! That voice is sublime!! Huge control and perfect big notes! Three yeses!  VIDEO HERE. (Top 40)

Tiwan Strong – 29 – Chicago, IL - He's a daycare teacher. Yes!! This guy can sing! And nothing to do with fellow black contestants previously featured. Incredible bluesy tone. Judges say yes!! That woman had a cramp! Funny ... VIDEO HERE. (Top 40)

Steve Beghun – 27 – Bloomington, MN - He's an accountant and following the cliche, he's really boring. He's a funeral and wedding singer also. Bad joke about his last name, judges don't get it. Nice surprise! He's got a beautiful smooth tone. Very pleasant! He's got three yeses!! VIDEO HERE.

Vernika Patterson – 20 – Milwaukee, WI - Bad voice, bad attitude. She says she's nervous and screwed it because the lady looked at her? She says "I can sing better than half those people out there!", no you can't! She says they said no because she's fat. I hate fat contestants who think they cut them cause they are overweight. Randy starts calling previous winners Rubben and Kelly? fat. VIDEO HERE.

Albert Rogers III – 24 – Ogelthorpe, GA - He looks like a joke. He's 24, looks 50. Says he sounds like Ruben Studdard, Luther Vandross and Usher?. Horrible singing. Guy can't sing any high note. Bad, bad, bad. Steven says he liked it but not for AI. Randy says he was terrible and a joke. Steven does the Paula! Randy is really becoming a mean Simon! VIDEO HERE.

Scott Dangerfield – 22 – Milwaukee, WI- He's got a nerdy look but his voice is amazing! Incredible blue-eyed sould voice there!! Jennifer calls him her favourite!! He's really great! Three yeses!! VIDEO HERE.

Megan Frazier – 20 – Green Bay, WI - Huge packers fan! She's running around. ANNOYING!!! She's singing an operatic version of Justin Bieber's "Baby"! Come on! Go out and never come back ... VIDEO HERE.

Alyson Jaydos – 26 – Chicago, IL - She's a huge Steven fan. Steven hugs her. She's a rock chick, very Carly Smithson but more groupie personality. Nice deep raspy voice. She's good. Steven calls her "Dream On" cover pitchy. I thought it was good. Come on! She's nervous about singing her idol song in front of him.  She's through. VIDEO HERE.

Chris Medina - 26 - Oak Forest, IL - Biggest sob story in Idol history! He's engaged to a chick who suffered a brain injury in 2009 in a car accident. She was in a coma but woke up after a month and a half. She's now in a wheelchair and unable to take care of herself, poor thing! However, he's sticking by her.  He's got a nice voice. Kewl falsetto. Like his voice but his sob story will take him far. They make him bring his girlfriend. She waves uncomprehendingly, not liking this. No need to do that. I'm sorry for them. VIDEO HERE. (Top 40)
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