This new section is focused on Hollywood contestants, more precisely, Top 40 ones, who weren't featured on the audition episode but did audition in that city. This article contains Top 40 spoilers, so, if you want to avoid them, don't keep reading!

One of the cities where the great majority of the Top 40 contestants who auditioned was aired. They actually only missed one, which in my opinion shouldn't have happened. What was one more good audition? They should have resisted airing some bad contestants, civil war guy!!, and showed the girl following!

Ta-Tynisa Wilson


Aurora, Illinois. She had auditioned for Idol 5 times, this being the first she made it to Hollywood. She has a big voice, very Beyonce-ish. She's the typical Idol diva every season has, last year it was Page Miles, the year before Lil Rounds. I don't know, I like her look, and certaily her voice, but I doubt there's a big audience that will vote for her. MySpace HERE. Twitter HERE. YouTube HERE.

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