This is the first X Factor Denmark's recap!! For all my lovely danish fans, here it's! This post features all the auditions plus the bootcamp. With a revamped judges panel, Remee's out, after coaching 3 excellent contestants, as long as newster Soulshock. Last season's other newster, Pernille Rosendahl returns, as well as Thomas Blachman, who had taken a season's break, being both joined by Cutfather, a well known producer who has worked with Pixie Lott, Christina Aguilera, Jordin Sparks, Robyn, etc. Also returning is Lise Rønne, who had taken a year break due to pregnancy, replacing Signe Muusmann.

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I'm only featuring the talent that standed out, not every single contestant. I'm also adding some I personally didn't like but have made it far, so I need to feature them. All contestants posted have advanced to Bootcamp.

Week 1

Babou - Don't like this kid. Actually, I don't like teens on this shows! Jesper proved to be the exception but I'm sure I will hate him. Plus, what going on with his name?! Babou? It sounds like the Jungle Book bear's name! Vocally, he's not that horrible, actually, he sounds pretty good. If I'm not looking at him, I really like him but I found his performance annoying. Still, good singer.

Mia - She's got a nice pleasant tone. Danish song was boring but "I Can't Make You Love Me" was much more emotional and sweet. When she hugged her son it was a really cute moment. Luckily I don't speak nor understand danish, cause I have a feeling she has a sob story.

Sarah -  I'm so in love with this girl!! She's got a Melissa Etheridge vibe, a folky deep voice, very soulish and intense. She's some nice guitar moves. I'm not sure if she forgot the lyrics or if she was intended to do that, still, she had one of the best auditions. She's foot in the finals? Probably ...

Nanna - Nanna has some big vocal power. Strong belting vocals although she seems not to have some control. Some shacky moments but she's got a powerful vocal range and could do really well in this competition.

Ericka - Ericka is a real cutie!! Her "Valerie" cover made me remember Naya Rivera's cover in Glee. She's got a sweet voice, with some indie quricky notes, but it's a more popish sound. She doesn't have my favourite audition but she certainly was the cutest!

Trine og Rikke - The red haired twins have a nice voice. Beautiful harmonies and a pleasant phrasing. However, I found them a bit boring, or at least this audition is. Bad song choice, boring and monotonous. Vocally, they can be good but they need to work better with their songs. They need to impress me at Bootcamp!

Week 2

Johnnie - His mother is wheelchair bound. His voice is avobe average, I mean, it's not amazing but it's good. He's got a nice raspy tone and is a good guitar player. It was a really emotional audition, I guess his mother did that by putting huge emotional moments backstage.

Jean Michele - One of my favourites of this week, Jean has a nice RnB huge voice. He really seems to know what he's doing with his voice, nice note changing and beautiful scat and falsetto. He's one to watch! Amazing voice, amazing attitude, I can really see him in the liveshows!

Jakob og Rudi - OMG! Instant love! This kids have an incredible sweet quircky sound, they really resamble Lazy J and Big Guy, from the XF Australia. One rapped and one sang. In this case, both sing beautifully and add some contemporary beats to their performances. Another liveshow-in act.

Tommy - I hate the way they edit this audition! They actually cut all his performance. It only featured him singing  like 5 seconds. Still, from what they showed, this can be a really good "Overs" addition for the liveshow. Amazing raspy tone with real knowledge of his vocal range. I actually like his note changing more than Jean's one.

Ercan - Not sure how I feel about him. He's got a nice voice but he seems really old fashioned and boring. He really needs a make over. Vocally, he can be good but he needs some serious changes.

Patricia - Definitely my favourite contestant in the entire auditions! She's has that quirckiness that's so current in the music bussines! A jazzy and soulish beautiful tone, amazing phrasing and an incredible pitch. Thomas was so into it! I tell you, I can really see her winning this show! She's got the personality, the look and most importantly, the voice! If making it to the liveshows, and there's no doubt she will, I think no one could stop her!

Simone - Nice sweet voice but nothing special. She can sing the high notes but I doubt she has the ability to sing a big song, a powerful one. She doesn't seem to have the intensity to sing them, she's just a sweet girl!

Week 3

Troles og Lasse - They have this whole acoustic/singer/songwriter vibe. Nice vocals and harmonies, I actually liked the guitarist voice more, it's much sweeter and pure, tough the other had some powerful pipes. However, I think they need some work on their look, they look akward together.

DeeVibez - They could be Tina Turner's but instead they are going for a Jill Scott. I don't understand that. They could be a diva singing group, much like Destiny's Child but they aren't doing that. They have potential however. They have incredible vocals but don't seem to know how to use it.

Lyst - They are amazing!! Incredible harmonies and a real sense of style. They actually look like a group! Love their song choice and their energy. It would be a shame if they got cut before the liveshows!

Mia -She's an Over! Looks 18 but she's actually 27! Amazing notes came out of that little body! I never expected her to be such a good singer. She's actually an incredible one.

Ali - Not sure I like him. He's got a metal suitable voice and sound very grunge, goth indeed. He's powerful vocals but his style just doesn't work for me. Not my cup of tea and never will. Contestants like this never gain my attention nor my likeness.

Annelouise - She's lovely! One of the best looking female contestants thus far, Annelouise really impressed with her beautiful sweet tone, nothing near her normal speaking voice, which is really men-like. She got some problems but her audition was one of my favourites and she really showed some star power!

Rasmus - He's singing the dreaded "Ain't No Sunshine", in which contestants normally experiment a major trainwreck. However, Rasmus sang it amazingly by keeping it simple. His voice and a guitar. He did an amazing job with the "I know"s and sang the chorus beautifully. I like this one too ...

 Kjell - And rounding up the auditions, is Kjell, the oldest of the Overs. He's got that swettnes, that feeling oldest reality contestants like SuBo or even Mary Byrne give. That feeling of admiration,  cuteness, they give. If a younger singer sings like this, it's never as emotional as sang as an older contestant and that's what I love about them. Still, they fail to make it contemporary, as Mary proved during her XF UK run and that's where I think Kjell will fall.


Only airing in one day, Bootcamp featured short clips of many of the contestants featured previously in the auditions, plus some which weren't. Again, I'm only posting the ones that either standed out or made it to the judges houses stage.

DeeVibez - Glad they sang this! Much bettter than their audition! They showed personality, vocal ability and that they can really harmonize. They are real Tina Turner's now! This is one group I'm really rooting for now.

Sarah - She impressed once again with her big voice and powerful notes, this time with a cover of Adam Lambert's "Whataya Want From Me". Still, I'm not sure her look is really suitable, it's too masculine. She's till one of my favourites yet.

Annelouise -  She's much better this time! I guess that the audition's nerves made her shake a bit but this time she's a 100% on fire! Vocals were beautiful and I felt a quirckiness this time that I hadn't felt before. Love her a lot now!

Ercan -  Still hate his look!!! Old fashioned! His voice is impressive but his look ... the hair specially ruined this guys fate in this show. I don't think he can go far with this look.

Ericka - This girl is the cutest thing in Earth! Her voice is so pure and amazing! I hate they only showed 10 secs! I want more from her!

Jean Michel - He still has one of the best vocals in the show. Lots of control over it. His whole performance from "Fever" must have been amazing, cause, from what they shown, it sounded incredible. Very Motown vocals.

Maria - I really like her jazzy style. Her vocals are really pleasant and nice but her song choice didn't really show that. It being danish made it worse, I'm not saying I don't like danish music but this particular song for her was just wrong.

Jakob og Rudi - They keep delivering strong vocal performances. They are one of the best groups and could really make it into the liveshows if they keep singing like this. This performance was more than enough for the judges houses. Amazing vocals!

Babou -  Find him really annoying! He starts singing ok, not incredible but ok. OMG! He messed up with the lyrics. He's all nerves. He makes some wierd faces and leaves. Oh, judges are calling him! I need a translator now! What are the judges saying?! It doesn't sounds good ... He leaves again. Based on this, he deserves to be eliminated!

Kjell - Auditions ended with him and so did bootcamp! Final performer! He sings a shaky "Yesterday", his vocal power is still there but I think his nerves ruined this performance. It sounded good but all his initial emotion wasn't there, I doubt he will survive this one. I got a tip that the reason why he's shaky at times is the result of a partial brain damage which resulted from a stroke, where his heart stopped for several minutes. So it's not nerves, entirely.

So now it's decision time! The three judges have recived their categories and now are ready to select the Top 10 for their Judges Houses. I still don't know if each category will select 3 finalists or 4, hope it's the latest, so I'm bolding my favourite 4 contestants of each category, which are also the ones I think will advance to the liveshows. They haven't featured all of them, so I hope they can develop a bit more on the Judges Houeses. Contestants below are all advancing to Judges Houses.
Overs (Thomas)
  • Martin
  • Annelouise
  • Michael
  • Ercan
  • Maria
  • Patricia
  • Sten
  • Sandra
  • Mia
  • Tommy
Unders (Cutfather)
  • Ericka
  • Babou
  • Jean Michel
  • Julie
  • Samata
  • Ali
  • Tharek
  • Amie
  • Rasmus
  • Sarah
Groups (Pernille)
  • Rikke og Trine
  • Troels og Lasse
  • Michelle og Liva
  • Regulær
  • Anna og Sofie
  • Heffers
  • Jakob og Rudi
  • Anja og Stine
  • DeeVibez

From left to right: (Back) Maria, Martin, Michael, Annelouise, Sandra, Patricia, Sten and Ercan. (Front) Mia, Thomas and Tommy.


From left to right: (Back) Babou, Tharek, Julie, Samata, Jean, Ali. (Front) Cutfather, Amie, Rasmus, Ericka and Sarah.


From left to right: (Back) Troels og Lasse and DeeVibez. (Medium) Michelle og Liva, Rikke og Trine, Pernille, Anna og Sofie, Regulær and Anja og Stine. (Front) Heffers and Jakob og Rudi.

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