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One of BBC Sound of 2011 Top 15 acts, this blond seductive chick was love at first sight for me, well, love at first hear. And it was a sight thing too, after all, her beauty was what made me check her music. Her look is really unusual, sort of an european vampire whose been spending her last 50 years in a basement, yeah, I'm delusional, so I imagined her music was as unique as her look. And guess what? It is! Imagine a kidnapper with a voice changing gadget. Now imagine him singing. Now put that voice in a beautiful woman! Done!! You just created an Anna Calvi!  And all that meant in a good way. Going serious, Anna's debut was released on January 17, 2011 and it has already gathred some amazing reviews. My opinion, Anna has created an ethereal collection of future classics that deliver an emotional message from beggining to end, the album is a 10 and everyone should buy it. Seriously.

Watch Anna perform and buy her album after the JUMP ...

Buy "Anna Calvi" HERE (UK) or HERE (US).

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