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Idol heads to Austin, Texas, a city where a lot of country star wannabes will abound! On top of that, the producer will state an apology for Tyler's "outrageous behaviour", whay I expect? It will definitely be a joke, Steven's been the most entertaining thing so far!

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Day 1

As expected, the apology was a joke. A lame one. "Read my lips", that was funny!

Cory Levoy – 21 – Longview, TX – He met his sister when he was 14 and she 16. They lived all they life 15 minutes away and didn't know each other due to parental issues. They are making his "best friend" judge him too. He's speaking voice is extremely annoying. His singing voice? Well, it's nice, a little high pitched but hits the notes well. He's good. He's through with 4 yeses. Cory says he's got a Jlo booty. Wierd. But he does.  VIDEO Part 1 - VIDEO Part 2

Hollie Cavanagh – 17 – McKinney, TX –  She's so sweet! Really smooth bluesy voice. Love her! She's quircky! Steven says she was all over the place? Randy says she changed notes like 5 times? Come on! She was kewl! They are making her sing again! She's singing "The Climb" which is much worse but the judges liked it more! And now all say yes!!!!! VIDEO Part 1 - VIDEO Part 2 (Top 40)

Rodolfo Ochoa – 17 – Los Fresnos, TX –  Ouch! He sucks. Badly. Look is all wrong, pronunciation is bad. Jennifer says he has a vibrato? Yes, he has a really horrible one! VIDEO HERE.

Montage of singing cowboys, one actually said he's completely heterosexual! What?!! John Wayne Schulz – 23 – Kansas City, TX – Ha! Funny name! He's a real cowboy! "Being a cowboy is not about how you dress but who you are inside" he says. He's trying for Idol cause his mother asked him after being diagnosed with breast cancer. He's the typical country singer! Nice baritone big voice but not my favourite. Don't like male country singers, they can't make it contemporary and this guy won't be able to do that either, but he's through! VIDEO Part 1 - VIDEO Part 2 (Top 40)

 Day 2

Courtney Penry – 17 – Missouri City, TX – This is definitely staged. She loves Ryan, says he'll ultimately marry her! She throws a kiss to Steven! She's doing a chicken. STAGED! Her singing is pretty but too common. All the acting was to put her through Hollywood. She through and is doing the chicken again! Don't like her at all.  VIDEO Part 1 - VIDEO Part 2

Shauntel Campos – 24 – Albuquerque, NM, she's so much better than Courtney! Really good voice! Alex Carr – 26 – Fayetteville, AR, Caleb Johnson – 19 – Asheville, NC, two really good male singers, big voices!! Oh! It's Lee's "Beautiful Day"!  VIDEO HERE.

Jacqueline Dunford – 21 – Scottsdale, AZ and Nick Fink – 19 – Scottdale, AZ – Another staged audition! They want to be the first "power couple" in Idol. The acting is actually disgusting. I want to hit him in that silly dorky face!! Jacqueline is first. Ohh!! She's an amazing singer! Very bluesy big voice, really Adele-ish. My favourite so far! Nick is next. He's good too! He's singing a quircky "Sunday Moring", hit the high notes. Like them both! She was better, he was good too but looks stupid. They are both in!!  VIDEO Part 1 - VIDEO Part 2

Janelle Arthur – 20 – Oliver Springs, TX – She says that people think that country people don't have teeth, so she assures us she does! She's a young Carrie but a more popish one. Very smooth, very nice. Second song was much better! Love her voice but it's not too big, still, she sings beautifully! VIDEO HERE.

Casey Abrams – 19 – Idyllwild, CA – He plays the melodica. People say he looks like Seth Rogen but he doesn't see it, he could be his brother. OMG!! The scat, the raspiness, the voice changing, the low voice, the falsetto, this kid is a gem!!! One of the best auditions in Idol history!! Of course he's through to Hollywood! He's my favourite this season!! Watch out for this kid, he could win this!!! And he's a damn good melodica player! VIDEO HERE. (Top 40)
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