Swedish musician Lykke Li is getting ready to release her sophomore album, "Wounded Rhymes" in February 28, 2011, and we all know what else is happening that day. Two words: Clare Maguire. And now we are adding to that the excitement of the release of one of the wierdest musicians albums! Second single from the album, "I Follow Rivers" was released on January 21 and the music video premiered some days later. As you can expect it, the video is really wierd. She's kind of following a man in a snowy field barefoot wearing a black outfit, similar as the one in the album cover, and if not wierd, creepy. The truth is that the song is amazing, it features really catchy beats and it's exactly what I like!

Watch the video and pre-order the album after the JUMP ...

Pre-order "Wounded Rhymes" HERE.

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