Probably my favourite artist at the moment, Miss Maguire continues to impress with her deep soulish voice and catchy melodies. For every fan, like me, February 28 feels better than my own birthaday, even bigger than Christmas! And if you feel like that too, you can now PRE-ORDER HER ALBUM!! The album date, tracklisting and name have been reveled a while ago but now we can delight our eyes with the beautiful album cover! It reminds me of an 80s Bond movie, mysteryous and an old sexy look, not in the age way but in her beauty. The bright red lips, the little red nail and the discrete title all make this album amazing! Surely it will gain Grammys and Brits, cause Claire is the next biggest artist, even if she didn't win the BBC poll! And also for your pleasure, I've posted two acoustic videos of album tracks, "This is Not the End" and "The Shield and the Sword", which is currently my favourite song of her!

Pre-order the album, check the cover and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

Pre-order the album HERE.

This is Not the End

The Shield and the Sword

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