I'm back once more with some amazing contestants on the dutch XF! This is just a recap of the highlights, meaning that contestants who weren't speciallly good are not going to be featured. All contestants posted here have moved on to bootcamp.

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

 Annemiek Lubbers - She started quite shy and insecure but hell girl! You've got some big pipes!! The chorus was amazing, she really delivered and pulled out some amazing notes! Never expected that! Love her!

 Aparna Gulati - She's dutch born but is from Mumbai, India. She's got a Bollywood style. Oh!!! That's english?! Judges seem to love it. Her voice is really cool and she's a fun performer, I'll actually say I liked it. Still, this won't do well in the liveshows, one week would work properly but 11? Not sure ... Maybe with a normal song she'll do great!

Bruin Broodje Kaas - They can definitely sing but I'm not so sure about them, they don't seem together. Their voices aren't that special either. They are just a good group with three good singers but with no uniqueness.  Still, I really liked the last part, where they rapped a bit, maybe they could do an all rap performance!

Carla de Bruine - Love how  powerful is her voice but she's too uncertain about her gift. She needs some training and I don't think bootcamp or even judges houses will do that. She may need to go to a singing teacher and try next year, cause she certainly can sing!

 Elisa Sintjago - She's got the look but I'm not sure about the voice. She can sing but I just don't like it. Her voice is too common and typical, not uniqueness in her tone or phrasing, just another good singer which will go unnoticed if ever released an album.

Cinzia - She has lost a lot of weight, a lot but still has some more to loose. Love the short red hair! OMG!! What an amazing voice! Really unique audition! She has a pretty interesting tone, very similar to indie artists, let's say Julia Stone but can also sing some powerful notes! I loved this girl!!

Huub - He's got a problem in one of his arms, that's why he doesn't move it but I don't know what he has, that's why I need a translator!!! He's singing "Somebody to Love" and he's nailing it! One of the best auditions tonight and probably the biggest voice also! He nailed every single note, even the last thin note! Best so far? Probably ...

Jamila - She reminds me a lot to Sumera! They have similar looks and voices. I really, really like her! She is my favourite from the night! Sweet smooth voice, a blend of blues and RnB. The best I've seen in a while, she could really make the finals if she keeps singing like this!

Jose Bueno Perez - He's got a really pleasant smooth sweet voice. Very, very nice. He sang that song incrediblly and he really connected with it. This may not be my favourite type of contestant but I won't be angry if he reaches the liveshows cause he sings beautifully.

NTR - Pronunced Enter. A very glee-ish performance. They missed some parts of the lyrics at the beggining and they aren't the best in english but they really delivered a fun performance and it was really good vocally, some minor faults but very good overall. I see future in them!

One Way - The red shirted guy sings good, the other, not so much. They are a typical boy duo. They relay basically on their looks and not on their voices. They aren't the best singers but there were some good moments. They aren't liveshow level tough.

Rochelle Perts - She's the dutch black Cher Lloyd!!! OMG!! I love her! She's singing the same audition song Cher did and in the same rappy style! Not to be mean but is she copying Cher? Not sure ... Her voice is certainly bigger and better than Cher's and she's got her same attitude. She could follow Cher steps and do great in this competition, one of the best I've seen!

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