I'm back once more with some amazing contestants on the dutch XF! Rating are down from last week but it still managed 1.435.000, charting #4!. This is just a recap of the highlights, meaning that contestants who weren't speciallly good are not going to be featured. All contestants posted here have moved on to bootcamp.

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

Amin - He's got a nice tone, not the most powerful voice but he has something to work with. Really smooth and sweet, I actually quite like him. His running through the crowd was innecesary but he was good. He can make it with a little more work.

Janite - Her dancing is strange, makes her look really uncomfortable. I like her singing, again, she's not the best but has something to work with. This song was full of nerves but with more work she will be very good.

Jesse - He's cute! Looks like Jamie Archer but with a smaller afro. Sweet! He's got a Bruno Mars vibe. Look! His mother has the same afro! His voice lacks power but it sounds really nice and pleasant. The final part was amazing! He got a really cool raspiness there.

The Brunettes - They are a bit messy vocally. Not the best singers, they sound really pitchy individually. Together they blend really good, they have rnice harmonies. The second part is amazign! They sang that chorus really well!! The girl in white is an amazing singer and has really strong vocals!

Sjoerd - He looks creepy to me. He has something that I don't get. Like his voice, not the most unique, actually really normal voice but he's got the technique. Not such an impressive audition but he has good vocals and the last final note was great.

Jessica - She's singing Alicia Keys and is doing a damn good job with it! She's a great singer and actually resambles Alicia. Nice tone and phrasing and hit all the notes. A beautiful cover of one of Alicia's best songs. A great job!

Henk - Jazzy voice!! Like his tone. He's sort of a Michael Buble but more popish. He's different, haven't seen a singer like him in one of this shows, he could be really good! And he's voice is stunning!

Samayra - Impressing voice! She's very Leona Lewis-ish. I like her. She may be a good RnB/pop finalist. The final note was great! And apart from her great voice, she's got a cool name!

Arjan -  WOW! I'm speachless! What an impressive guy. He has a very smooth and sweet voice, really acoustic indeed. He may be my favourite guy. And he's unique! Interesting look and voice, really looking forward to seeing more of him!

Eveline - OMG!!! Another great unique singer tonight! She's got an amazing tone and phrasing, plus she's got powerful pipes! She's a strong quircky girl! My fave tonight! She's mesmerizing, crowd went crazy! She'll be a superstar!

The Difference - They look like a trainwreck and their song choice is strange. But they've got the voice! They can sing though are not nice to look at. They should have auditioned for The Voice. With an extreme make-over and a little vocal coaching they could be good, cause right now, they look as a mess!

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