I followed the latest season of Idol, so I thought it was about time I covered one of the biggest music festivals and indeed swedish biggest one, the Melodifestivalen! For newcomers, the show features several well known and not so known swedish singers who present a new song as the Eurovision entrey of the country, being the show's winner, the act participating in the Eurovision, all decided by public votes. And for Eurovision newcomers, the show, which has a long history, searchs for the best european song in general terms. Melodifestivalen semi-finals, all featuring 8 acts, will go on for 3 more weeks and then there will be a wildcard, formed by 3rd and 4th placers, and then the ultimate final, where the winner will be selected! As you know, the channel eliminates all the advancing acts videos, so they will be posted until they are eliminated.

Watch the videos, read my comments and see who is advancing to the final after the JUMP ...


"Try Again" - What's wrong with her look?! Doesn't she have an stylist? That dress is disgusting! The song is pretty good, catchy and well written but her voice is so low that I can't hear her singing properly, only in the chorus. She's certainly quircky but this performance is just average.


"Me and My Drum" - I like the "drummers" behind him. His rapping doesn't drives me crazy but it's fun and catchy. The best thing about this performance is the singer, Christoffer Hiding, who does an amazing job with the chorus. Swingfly is good but he's not B.o.B but yeah, he's good and the song was fun and catchy, so I expect him advancing!

Jenny Silver

"Something In Your Eyes" - Really like this song! It's incrediblly catchy and Jenny looks stunning! The thing she does with her hand when she reachs the chorus is really cool! The song kinds of remainds me of an ABBA song, more precisley, it sounds like many disco driven swedish songs sound, which is a bit typical plain disco. But I really like Jenny, so I'm not classifing this as a bad performance, it was a catchy good vocal performance!

Jonas Matsson

"On my own" - Mmm ... Liked how he started the performance and certainly like the song but I think it's just too downtempo for Eurovision. He seems to need an energy shoot. He's cute and has amazing vocals and I'm sure this will make his album a hit but this performance won't earn him a spot.

Le Kid

"Oh My God" - WOW! This song is the best! They are so amazing! My favourite act of the night! They are catchy, quircky and the song sounds fresh and different! The stage was crazy and the OMG were incredibles!!! Le Kid for the win!!!

Rasmus Viberg

"Social Butterfly" - This is interesting. Love the accordion but not the player's look. He's got a gypsy sound, which is interesting but I'm not mad with his voice. He reminds me previous Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak, who wasn't such a great singer. He's good but not the best I've seen. The end was much better, when he hitted the high notes but he hasn't won me.

Pernilla Andersson

"Desperados" -  I'm so in love with her!! The red stage, the simpleness in her performance, the red guitar and shoes, all about her! She was the only one who sang a swedish song, which is a good thing but not so much for an Eurovision entry, which judges probably don't know swedish. The song isn't that catchy  but she's beautiful and did an amazing job with that song, so props for her!

Danny Saucedo

"In the Club" - He's definitely my favourite! The intro vocals were the best I've heard tonight! This is another catchy song! Love his moves and certainly love this song! This is definitely going to the final! It's new and fresh, exactly the opposite to Jenny Silver's who was quiet old fashioned. Is Danny Saucedo the new disco king?


  1. Danny Saucedo
  2. Swingfly
  3. Jenny Silver
  4. Pernilla Andersson
  5. Le Kid
  6. Rasmus Viberg
  7. Jonas Matsson
  8. Dilba

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