The second semi-final is on and 8 more acts will fight for two places at the final or get a second chance in the "Andra Chancen" round. Who will be the ultimate winner? As you know, the channel eliminates all the advancing acts videos, so they will be posted until they are eliminated. You also have the VOTING NUMBERS to vote for your favourite act! The first number costs 3.60 kr and the second 9.90 kr., don't know why yet, if someone knows please tell me.

Watch the videos, my comments and see who is advancing to the final after the JUMP ...

Melody Club

099-202 01/099-902 01 "The Hunter" - The stage is cool, it looks like a giant chess. I'm not a fan of them. His voice sounds just bad for me, like a bad , but a really bad, singer with a silly wig. Not good. Glad they put this first, they doesn't have a chance of winning at all!

Julia Alvgard

099-202 02/099-902 02 "Better or worse" - She's amazing!! Her quircky voice would do wonders in Eurovision, probably like Lena did. She's a great singer and the look is amazing. The song isn't that good but it's ok, she could do well with it. And she performs it well! She can even be one of my faves, cause that voice is incredible!!

Lasse Stefanz

099-202 03/099-902 03 "En blick och nånting händer" - Not liking this at all. Old people shouldn't sing if their voice sounds that old, aka, it's deteriorated by ages. I mean, you may have been a great singer when you were younger but years have passed and you are old and your voice sounds bad now. Sorry. Probably the worst performance of the night.

Linda Pritchard

099-202 04/099-902 04 "Alive" - She's incredible! Appart from looking incrediblly hot in that outfit, her voice is amazing! She probably has the best song of the night! It's a really intense performance and it must make it to the andra chansen, if not the finals. Very powerful! And that high note at the end was superb! She's no my fave, definitely!

Anders Fernette

099-202 05/099-902 05 "Run" - He's cute! His voice is good but it's just that, he's a decent singer. The song sucks, not catchy at all. The dancers are good and he's nice to watch but a song like this one won't win Eurovision, or Melodifestivalen.

Linda Bengtzing

099-202 06/099-902 06 "E de fel på mig" - Linda looks great! Love the long hair and that yellow dress. The song is good, I like it. It's fun, dynamic and doesn't have the disco vibe that most of this songs do, it has some disco influence but it's not a strong one. Her voice sounds amazing and it's an original sound. This is a great contender for the win. And the fireworks ar the end were cool!

Nicke Borg

099-202 07/099-902 07 "Leaving Home" - OH!! I wasn't expecting this at all! I really, really, like him. And I was hoping to hate him. His voice sounds very unique, almost like if he wasn't meant to be a singer, it's almost powerless, but in a good way. He's an emotional tatooed ponytail guy with an unique soft voice, oh, and with a cross earring. Like this a lot. Simple, different and well sang. And finally someone has stepped away from disco cliches!!! Probably my fave.

Love Generation

099-202 08/099-902 08 "Dance Alone" - LOVE THEM! They are an improved Girls Aloud, well, they are so much better, and it's a bad comparisson, maybe you could say Girls Aloud are like them but worse, yeah, that will fit this better. They are incredible dancers and have lots of musical talent. I like the black girls voices better but the others aren't bad at all. The song isn't good, if I'm honest, but it's fun and I know swedes will love this girls, after all they are really disoc-ish!


  1. Linda Bengtzing
  2. Nicke Borg
  3. Linda Pritchard
  4. Love Generation
  5. Lasse Stefanz
  6. Julia Alvgard
  7. Melody Club
  8. Anders Fernette
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