The contestants will be singing Danish hit songs from 2000 and on. I won't say I'm excited about this theme because I don't understand danish songs but I know bong will! He's back again, and will be throughout the season! Who will impress me tonight and make me like a danish song? ... It's time to face the music!

Ratings, comments and videos after the JUMP ...

(bong) I will say a little bit about these Danish hits and composers. About the Danish hits: Needless to say that means they were hits in Denmark. We envy the swedes and their succes; it is quite difficult for a Danish composer or performer to "make it big" outside Denmark. We have not got much more than AQUA to brag about, and nothing that compares with ABBA and Roxette. A select handful of singers have had a huge success in Germany years back (with pop songs in German), and some bands have tried to get out in the USA. A few bands have enjoyed some success in Japan. Maybe it's the language? I watched a program, it seems a country's most succesful composers write in a way that resembles the rhythm (a.o.) of the language. Maybe Swedish is easier on foreign ears? Just maybe....

(bong) On stage today will also be Nik & Jay, a Danish duo. They released their first album in 2002 and were instantaneously very succesful. The lyrics were not very impressive, to be honest, but the music was quite catchy. They have developed. Nick & Jay are allowed to kick of tonight's show with one of their old tunes, whereupon the speaker mentions some of the biggest new names in the past decade.


"De Første kærester På Månen" (TV-2) - 8/10 This is a nice song. Really soft and downtempo, different from what we've been hearing from Babou. Love how he sings the chorus. High and then low. He hits the notes beautifully and really delivers in this one. Babou is gaining me slowly, he seems more relaxed and really in the zone. I hate saying that I like him but I do. I still won't like him winning or near the final. He can make it till the Top 4 but not further ...

(bong)  7/10  "The First Lovers On The Moon" (TV-2). TV2 has been the great music train in Danish rock for the past decades. They come from my hometown, Århus (Aarhus), where Babou also lives. The texts, written by singer Steffen Brandt, can be quite tricky when you analyze them, but always relevant. They have produced incredibly many hits over the years, and they always attract spectators when they perform. The lyrics go: "I thought we were to be the first lovers on the moon."

(bong) Cutfather praises Babou and his singing voice: He can reach "the high C, and then some, in full voice" (ed.: as opposed to falsetto) and Cutfather urges us to sing along in the homes. Babou: "This is a good story — with a pop tune. And I thought it would be fun to change that." Pernille: "This was several grades above last week. Very touching. And risky. Blachman: "The rop register is very moving."


"Natteravn" (Rasmus Seebach) - 4/10 I like you guys but this just wasn't your night. The song was really wrong for them, Pernille made a horrible decision on this one. They don't work for disco/electro music, they are good on pop and cool on RnB but not for this. Yikes. Horrible singing and styling. They are probably the worst tonight.

(bong)  5/10  "Night Hawk" (Rasmus Seebach). Seebach, the son of another succesful composer, has become quite popular in the past few years. He was quite reluctant to go in that direction at first. The song is (on the surface) about insomnia. The singer is touring the city during the night, looking for the unknown love of his life who always slips away.

(bong) Pernille: "JR are pretty sensitive guys. I was wondering... is there any bad boy in them?" We see some clips from Tårnby where they live. Rudi's family lives in Malmö (Sweden), but he moved in with Jakob for the duration of the competition. It is easier to focus and practice when you are together like that. Cutfather: "You have the charm and the energy. I am still uncertain about the voices..." Blachman: "Well, you have done something different, focusing more." Pernille: "Listen: You cannot learn x factor. You guys have it!"


"Splittet Til Atomer" (Kashmir) - 9/10 Annelouise looks hot tonight! Love the hair like that! This is my fave so far. She delivered with emotion and I felt her passion and that she really believed in what she was singing. This is another song I may check afterwards. Vocal perfection. She also plays the harmonica!!! Amazing! She's now my fave! Well, after Patricia.

(bong) 7/10  "Split Into Atoms" (Kashmir). The band took its name from a Led Zeppelin tune, my favorite band, and I play that zep-tune myself, so plus points and high expectations. Fortunately Kashmir can live up to it, they are really good, and very popular. They can play pretty hard, but this song is quite relaxed. It was written to be used as a jingle for a radio program.

(bong)Blachman informs us that this night's songs have to be in Danish (not only written by Danes). I did not know that, but it makes sense. "This is a pearl. Listen to the text!" I keep thinking Blade Runner and replicants doing saltos when I see Annelouise, I cannot help it since her Nephew performance. No pitch problem today as far as I could hear. Cutfather: "You crawled under my skin." Pernille: "Agreed. It's all about fitting the songs with the singer." Blachman: "One of the most fantastic things about this program is that you get to play a pearl like this tune to two million viewers."


"Superliga" (Nephew) - 7/10  Rasmus is one of my faves since last week, so I hope he impresses me. He died his hair again, much better ... This is a song I've really liked, it's catchy and I like the english/danish mix, I may even try Nephew after this! His vocals were good, not perfect but ok. The moves were fun to watch but the sexiness didn't worked in this performance, the dancing wasn't for this song. I liked how he performed but I think the dancing didn't fit this song.

(bong)  5/10  "Super League" (Nephew). Oh, yes! My favorite. Nephew is a peculiar band. They often mix Danish and English lyrics. That may sound like a cheap trick, and I was taken aback at first, but it actually works well.

(bong) Cutfather: "At 16 Rasmus has found out what kind of singer he wants to be." We see clips from Rasmus' life in Kirke Såby. Then he comes out. Big smile. There are some weaknesses in the voice. Pernille: "I never thought I would experience the mating of The Nephews and Chippendales. This was not your best vocal performance." Blachman: "You are allowed to be a little more vain about your vocal. A little showoffy, try some things."

Rikke og Trine

"Kun For Mig" (Medina) - 6/10 There's something wrong with them. They are back with the unison thing and it sounds as boring as it always does. They are much better when they don't do this the whole performance, aka, last week's performance. Their vocals are good, that's why the 6, but the performance overall was really, really, really boring. If the audience hasn't started clapping I think I would have died, from boredom.

(bong)  7/10  "Only For Me" (Medina). Medina is one of the most popular female singers in Denmark these days. She was also on stage in the x factor finale last year, performing with the winner, Thomas. Medina is a brilliant singer and performer, but not really my thing (my fault, I guess), and this tune has been played over and over. I guess it's the right choice for the twins. Oh, and whatever you do, Rikke og Trine, is fine with me. Take some chances. Move.

(bong) Pernille: "I have listened and learned" (ed. referring to last week's drama) "Our song choice might be called predictable. But we have adapted it!" Pictures from the twin's life. Their parents have divorced. They live in Copenhagen with their mother, but now they are visiting their father. Walking the dogs. Excerpt from Medina's text: "I am feeling good. I hear only music. No man can trick me here. So now the music plays only for me." It's a "You done me wrong"-song. The arrangement is very low key, and the beat, which is prominent in the original, only comes in towards the end. There is an eerie string (also towards the end) which to me resembled a balalaika; I think it's made with an electric guitar. Very interesting, I liked it. Blachman: "Now you are back on track. Now we can hear your voices." Cutfather: "Sometimes when you hit it it makes my hairs stand. Magic." Pernille: "We are beginning to find the right formula."


"Engel" (Rasmus Seebach) - 7,5/10  I've nothing against her, her sexuality or homosexual people but this has to stop. What is she wearing?!! If I didn't know she was a girl, I'd think she's a man. Seriously! That tank has to go and be burned. Going to her singing, she sounds amazing! This song really fits her, it's exactly the type of music she should sing, not the trainwreck she did back in week 1. I love her raspy tone and guitar playing. This is the best I've seen from her. Looking forward to next week!

(bong)  7/10  "Angel" (Rasmus Seebach). That Seebach fellow again! :-) Sarah was last weeks top performer for me. She has a place on the stage, but the song has to be right for her.

(bong) Cutfather: "One of the most influential American blogs wrote favorably about her performance." Ha! I told you! Sarah: "Rasmus Seebach has heard my version, and he thought it was cool." "Engel" means angel, and it's about a girl. They have turned it into a balad. I like it. Pernille: (Sarah is glowing with joy) "I hope the other contestants are watching. You have will power! You are completely unimpressed! It is so easy for you!" Lise Rønne: "Is it really?" Sarah: "No...". Pernille: "You are an inspiration to others. Blachman: "You do all the right things. 80% personality plus a good voice." Cutfather: "You were my wild card. I am so proud of you. I have received serious beating: Why not choose Ericka? Why not Jean Michel?"


"Uden hinanden" (Julie Maria) - 9,5/10 She has her hair down and is wearing a hot dress, which she designed!! Is there something she can't do? She's just perfect! This performance is my favourite of the night, as expected. She's much better than last week, which I think was shacky, and is really delievering. She sings this song beautifully in a really soft tone. Love her phrasing and althought I can't understand anything, I'm feeling this! She's got to be my favourite contestant ever ... Patricia definitely has a record deal coming ...

(bong)(7/10)"Without Each Other" (Julie Maria). The song comes from a tv series for children, a "Christmas calendar" (it's a Danish tradition, a new episode is aired every day from December 1 through 24).

Patricia comes out with her hair down for once. At first glance I could mistake her for another danish singer (Søs Fenger). It's a pretty tough song to sing, very interesting. I have to check up on the lyrics. Judged by this performance I think she should pass, but it's impossible to control the votes. Cutfather: "Amazing what the stylists can manage." Lise Rønne: "But the dress is your own creation, right?" Patricia confirms. (Yup, because Patricia, our favorite contestant, is an artist, and her talent creeps into other art forms. I have watched videos, both the official ones and her vlog, and if you don't understand Danish, oh boy, your are missing out. That girl is hilarious! In a good way, she is excercising her funny bones. Impeccable timing when delivering a punch line.) Cutfather continues with some comments about combining the sexy look with children's song. I must say I find that totally irrelevant. Pernille: "This is difficult. I acknowledge what you are trying to achieve. I had some ideas about Vanessa Paradis." Blachman: "It is a song which the mother sings to her child." Lise Rønne: "So, Patricia —Did it feel like you were singing to your child?" (her son is in the audience) Patricia: "Oooooh... Lise. I don't know about that...." [NOTE: I need to find and read the lyrics, then I will make an update.]


(bong) Nick and Jay - They perform their new single. It's quite groovy, funny lyrics. I don't think I will ever become a fan, but they are better than I remember them.
Here we are again. Both names belong to Pernille, so the other judges will leave it to her to decide. Blachman: "I have always been over the moon for you two." (Rikke og Trine) Cutfather: "JR, you burn for this thing. Rikke og Trine, you have something magical. I vote JR ... for political reasons." The only question is if Pernille will vote tactically (for instance, if she judges that JR would get further), or musically, because I am sure she likes the twins performance better. And honestly, I cannot believe she would vote against her musical preferences. As always ... they have ... to ... drag it ... ooouuut. The deciding judge has to find the right way to formulate his or her reason. Pernille: "JR, you have so much energy. You have the best style. But there were some problems tonight. Your voices could not find each other. There were no problems during the rehearsals. Rikke og Trine, wonderfully sung. I don't know why you are standing here. JR, you want it so much. Rikke og Trine, you are not really believing it yet. That you can do it. But you have proven that tonight. I vote for Rikke og Trine to continue."
I give everybody 5 or 7 points today. 5 is failed, and 6 is passed, but only just. It is very difficult to not be prejudiced.

Next week

(bong) Friday the fourth of March: Rock theme.
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