I'm back once more with some amazing contestants on the dutch XF! The first audition show had a good but not amazing 1.237.000 viewers which helped the show place #11, very low compared to last year's #2. I suppouse the audience will go up as the season progresses, maybe by the liveshows. This is just a recap of the highlights, meaning that contestants who weren't speciallly good are not going to be featured. All contestants posted here have moved on to bootcamp.

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

 Daniel Landers - He's the son of american actress Audrey Landers, best known for her role on Dallas. He doesn't speak dutch, which is a bit silly, why auditioning in a show where you can't comunicate? Well, they are speaking in english but I don't like it. They said he was over the top, which I agree he was so exaggerated! He's got a voice but I'm not a fan of his singing.

 Kelsey - She's at the auditions with last years XF finalists, Donny and one of the girls from Fierce! She's got connections! She's so RnB!!! An amazing voice! Really good, she knows her instrument and does an amazing job with it! That notes changing was surreal!

Hanneke - Another Hanneke, is this their year? She's singing Adele! I'm in love with this one too! Look at Gordon's face!!!!! She went for an unique arrengement of that song and it certainly paid out! She looks so musical school but she's so good and unique that I just love her! My favourite so far!! Judges are arguing and now she sings again, this time "Amazing Grace". She's equally good! She's ovationed!

Laura Ponticorvo - She changed her clothes for the audition, presenter jokes she should try for Holland's Next Top Model, he's right, she's beautiful! I think judges are expecting a trainwreck. She's not that bad, she actually has a good voice but it's not so powerful but she's got personality, which adds some extra points!

Musah Friction - He's from Ghana. He took his shirt, loads of muscle. His voice isn't bad but wierd. He's kind of a reggae/pop artist. Well, I actually like him! A lot! I don't know how he will cope in the liveshows but right now, he's great.

Dennis en Jeffrey - They haven't even sing and I already don't like them. They are twins? Hate twin acts! They are soooo Jedward! Which means utterly bad. They are ok singers who relay on their charm and dance moves, just as irish act did. They must be cut at bootcamp!

Gabriella -  Oh! Big deep voice! No one was expecting that! She reminds me of Adele in a way. This is probably the biggest voice we've seen today. That final note was stunning! What an incredible powerful vocals!

Sebastiaan Westerhout  - Another Over, we've seen lots tonight! He tried for Idols, now off air. Pleasant vocals, kind of bluesy. I don't find any uniqueness in it but I love his sound. He nailed that performance, hitting every single note perfectly!

Sim 'Ran  - They made it to the Holland's Got Talent Semi-final from what I heard. They harmonize beautifully and the three of them have amazing voices. They are definitely one of my faves groups! The final part of the song was stunning, beautiful note changing and an incredible tone! Love! Love! Love!

Tom - He does not only has a great voice but also is cute, which gains votes. His voice is nice, it's really acoustic driven and he could actually do really good in the liveshows with a little coaching.

Rolf - Not my favourite, I think his voice lacks a bit of power, he got what it takes but he needs a vocal coach to make the best out of his voice. He's a sweet and smooth voice which makes a little extra, plus he's got a cute smile!

Jessica - She reminds me of someone, who I can't remember. Her look is amazing and I'm in love with her voice! She's got the pipes but also the uniqueness and quirckiness!!! I'm in love with her, another for my fave list! Oh!!! That's it! She's just like Sunday Girl!! Amazing ...

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