The second semi-final is on and 8 more acts will fight for two places at the final or get a second chance in the "Andra Chancen" round. Who will be the ultimate winner? As you know, the channel eliminates all the advancing acts videos, so they will be posted until they are eliminated.

Watch the videos, read my comments and see who is advancing to the final after the JUMP ...


"7 Days And 7 Nights" - He's got an amazing voice! A cool raspy rocky tone. The song is still very disco but more rock influenced. Brolle looks so Elvis and his moves are very similar. The song is ok but it's not one of my favourites, he could have done so much better. VIDEO HERE.


"My Heart is Refusing Me" - OMG!! She's definitely one of the best I've seen on Melodifestivalen! Her style is so superior, a sort of dark RnB, that it's hard not to see her as the ultimate winner! Her voice is really big and she's an act that finally stepped away from the disco theme, although just a little, cause it does has some disco sounds. And the dancing! It's so freaking quircky! Love it!


"Ge mig en spanjor" - What in hell is this??!! It was certainly a fun show but that song and that voice are pretty bad. I wonder how this was selected to compete ... The style is the wierdest thing I've seen and after all he's a drag queen if you haven't noticed that. It made me think of a drunk granny with a ridiculous pink wig, seriously, not good ...

Elisabeth Andreassen

"Vaken i en dröm" - An amazing singer. I love how her voice sounds and I see myself  buying her album ... for my granny. I mean, she sings good but it's too old fashioned! This song will die in Eurovision! Classical isn't good for that! A nice relaxing song but not exactly for this show ...

Sanna Nielsen

"I'm in Love" - She's really cute and sweet but I just don't buy her as a singer. Her voice is pretty good and this song is ok but I don't think she could cope well in the Eurovision. The song isn't that powerful and her voice isn't either. She's just a decent disco singer who happens to have good dance moves!

The Moniker

"Oh My God!" - OMG! I love this!! His voice is amazing, unique and pretty powerful! This song is different and I like how it sounds. I'll definitely buy this! The stage was amazing and I really like the colourful vibe. Finally an exciting act. Want more of him!!!


"Elektrisk" - As the title suggests it, it was an electric performance! Love her look and the lights, her voice is good too, like his tone. The song left a lot to be desired, I don't feel any connection with it. It's just another disco ready pretty song but nothing more. She's certainly beautiful still ...

Christian Walz

"Like Suicide" - My favourite voice of the night! A really interesting and different tone, reminds me a lot of Eric Hutchinson. Maybe the song will be much better if it stayed in the acoustic vibe it started. When it switched to disco, it just ruined it! Oh, Christian, you could have gone far!


  1. Brolle
  2. Sanna Nielsen
  3. The Moniker
  4. Loreen
  5. Christian Walz
  6. Anniela
  7. Babsan
  8. Elisabeth Andreassen

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