The third semi-final is on and 8 more acts will fight for two places at the final or get a second chance in the "Andra Chancen" round. Who will be the ultimate winner? As you know, the channel eliminates all the advancing acts videos, so they will be posted until they are eliminated. You also have the VOTING NUMBERS to vote for your favourite act! The first number costs 3.60 kr and the second 9.90 kr., don't know why yet, if someone knows please tell me.

Watch the videos, read my comments and see who is advancing to the final after the JUMP ...

Linda Sundblad

099-202 01/099-902 01 "Lucky You" - This song reminds me of something, don't know what it is tough. I like Linda but she's not performing well tonight. The song is disgusting and her voice is sounding pretty sharp and annoyingly thin. Maybe with a different song she would have done much better, cause this wasn't good. Still, the song is a bit catchy ...

Simon Forsberg

099-202 02/099-902 02 "Tid att andas" - This looked like a traiwreck even before it started. I don't like this guy at all! The song is tad boring and his voice is really plain. He could work for jazz, or even for classical music but this isn't his strenght. Bad attempt at a slow song. I'm actually greateful he made the attempt not going disco but this was bad.

Sara Lumholdt

099-202 03/099-902 03 "Enemy" - Ouch ... She started really offtune.  She improved a bit towards the chorus but she actually never got there. She never reached the place she wanted to get. She reminds me of a bad contestant on an Idol show. She's not good enough, sorry. Or maybe it's the song, which sucks. And I was hoping to like this ...

The Playtones

099-202 04/099-902 04 "The King" - OMG! I was expecting nothing but a trainwreck but this is damn great!!! They've got a bluesy country thing going on but it also sounds kind of disco. The singer is great when he's not singing the chorus, which is disgusting. The rest of the song is amazing, the piano burning thing and the no instrument part were cool. Like this very much. My new faves? Not sure but they are really incredible!

Shirley's Angels

099-202 05/099-902 05 "I Thought It Was Forever" - Not sure about this. They have amazing voices and some good dance moves but the song sounds plain. Don't like it at all. They could be so much better with something different! The worst part is that they have sick vocals!! Major fail, that wasn't good.


099-202 06/099-902 06 "No One Else Could" - This isn't good. He seems really cocky onstage and that doesn't work for anyone. The song is hedious and his voice is nothing special. He has some good moments but there are more bad ones. The end was better, actually only one or two lines.  Overall, a failed attempt of going cliche and trying to do yet another disco song.

Sara Varga

099-202 07/099-902 07 "Spring för livet" - Oh my!! This is so sweet! Sara's got a jazzy voice, very soft and fresh. This song is also really unique, not the type you will hear in Mello. She's also the best dressed of the night for sure! I've fallen in love with her! And she made swedish sound beautiful, I'm not a fan but after this I want more!! Beautiful!

Eric Saade

099-202 08/099-902 08 "Popular" - I'm not convinced with this. He's a good singer and has a big tone. He's also a great, and cute, dancer. But I'm not getting this song, why writing a song talking about popularity?! What a boring and superficial theme! The glass breaking thing was cool. He may be in based on cute votes and the fact that he's actually a good singer ...



  1. Eric Saade
  2. The Playtones
  3. Shirley's Angels
  4. Sara Varga
  5. Sebastian
  6. Linda Sundblad
  7. Sara Lumholdt
  8. Simon Forsberg

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