Tonight the final 15 acts will be whittled down to just 9 in what promises to be the most exciting XF season ever! The talent poll is higher than ever and there's a strong posibility that an Over will win the show again with talented Patricia being now placed as a front runner. My Top 9 picks? Patricia, Maria/Mia and Annelouise for the Overs, Ericka, Sarah and Jean for the Unders and Michelle og Liva, Jakob og Rudi and DeeVibez for the Groups, but that could all change tonight! Performance is crucial and the contestants are certainly feeling the preassure! bong is back again, and will be throughout the season, to help me with this crucial night! ... It's time to face the music!

Read the comments, watch the videos and find out who made the liveshows after the JUMP ...

You can watch the full episode HERE, will update the videos as soon as they appear.

We are off to another night of excitement!! Only 9 will remain after tonight! I'd a rough time trying not to get spoiled by the site, which I must say was almost impossible but I managed to do it! I don't know who will  be in after tonight! (bong) This is the defining moment. They are no terrible singers or horrible performers left, so it's up to the contestants to demonstrate that they can perform every time. We are in for some surprises. My predictions. Overs (Thomas): Ercan and Patricia will continue. Annelouise, Maria, Mia, it couldbe any of them. Unders (Cutfather): Babou is safe. Jean Michel goes home. Groups (Pernille): Michelle og Liva, Jakob og Rudi to stay. Troels ogLasse will have to go.


We start with Cutfather and the 5 remaining Unders, Rasmus, Babou, Jean, Ericka and Sarah! (bong) Each judge has given their contestants a task. Cutfather, accompanied by Kenneth Bager, has told his contestants: Sing a song that shows us who you are. First performing is Babou, and we are all hoping he scrwes his performance! What is your bet? I'll say, he doesn't forget the lyrics but sings horribly due to nerves! I love "Learning To Live" but this is the worst cover I've ever heard of this song! A screaming cat would have done a better job with this one. I hate seeing they seem to like it!  (bong) He declines an invitation to tell why he wanted to sing that song today. ”Maybe later.” Afterwards he thought the judges had "closed faces". [And the judges thought he was holding back.] This: [] means it's something the judges say after the contestants have left the room.

Next is the lovely Ericka! Mmmm ... I really love her vocals and quircky tone, her phrasing is beautiful too!!! Both judges looked really happy and seem to really have loved it! I hope they put her through she could really bring something ner to the liveshow! (bong) Ericka wants to ”take Denmark by storm.” . Bager: "I'm falling in love with you here".

Rasmus is up next. His blonde hair leavs me blind! He desperately needs a makeover! If Jean isn't in, I hope Rasmus is! He's got a radio ready voice with a nice and pleasant tone. He's pretty interesting, loved his Chris Isaak cover, it may be one of his best performances! Kids have steeped up their game tonight!! (bong) He starts very low, probably in order to be able to rise to the falsetto. Bager: "The hairs are standing on my head".

We are going to Jean. His voice is amazing! He's got that deepness in it, a huge quality! Very soulish, like a little Luther Vandross! I tell you, he could be big! (bong) Bager: "That was clearly for me the best performance today". [Cutfather: "He was not supposed to do so well today. Damn."]

Last is boyish Sarah! I really, really like her! Her Pink's cover was one of the best performances of the night! It was so emotional and deep! Kevin clapped her, she being the only one! Very interesting girl!! (bong) Sarah's parents divorced, and she does not see her father so often. Today she is singing Pink: Dear Mr. President which goes: Which father might hate his own daughter if she were gay? Sarah has engaged in similar thoughts. (Yes, she is gay. And Sarah is 15? Amazing maturity she demonstrates with this song choice.) Bager: "Very touching. The best I have seen you do". [Cutfather: "She knows that she is not the biggest song talent". Bager: "But she is totally cool".]


Done with the Unders, now we go to the Groups and Pernille! (bong) Pernille and Le Gammeltoft want the groups to put their heart into the performance today. And deliver. Pernille wants to see necessity and nerve.

First group performing is Jakob og Rudi, one of my selections to advance tonight! Did he forgot the lyrics? I love them but this isn't their best performance. They sound a bit off tune! Love their tone and phrasing and how they work together but don't think that was the best I saw of them ... (bong) Pernille: "I like that you chose a number that is on the border of what you can manage. I don't care about the minor flaws. I could feel you".

Next act is Michelle og Liva, my other favourite! They have the looks, the voice and harmonize beautifully! And this isn't the exception! Love who they sounded and how they sang that song! Oh! Didn't know Liva had braces! (bong) Liva has a sore throat. Gammeltoft: "I think you are so good". Pernille agrees.

Troles og Lasse are up now! They are ok. They got nice tones and can actually sing pretty well but there's something in them I don't like, don't know what it is but I just don't! I don't get them as a group. (bong) Troels og Lasse feel that they MUST deliver. Pernille: "Very good. I could feel you". Le: "Good choice of song. Felt you much better than yesterday".

Rikke og Trine follow, the last twin act remaining! Singing in unison again and still boring me!!! Come on! Can't they just sing better?! Each week they seem to sing the exact same thing! Pernille can't pick them after that! That wasn't strong, they'll bore the hell out of everyone in the liveshows despite how cute they are!! (bong) One of the twins has had a dream that they came to the live shows. And fell down the stairs. They are STILL singing in unison; when will they harmonize??? Pernille: "I just love to hear you sing. It's lovely to hear you". Le: "Not the easiest of songs. Nice how you can go soft and then give it more energy".

My last fave, DeeVibez are last! They are amazing!! Amazing! A breath taking performance! They are the best group for sure! They have personality and character in their voices and really sing well! (bong) DeeVibez want to show Pernille that she cannot live without them. Pernille: "You look very calm".They really perform, they deliver a show, making Pernille laugh. "You are very believable."


Finally we are with the Overs, the strongest category in my opinion and the one which has my favourites! (bong) Thomas Blachman's task for the group of overs was simply to sing a recent song of their own choice, no more than five years old.

My favourite, Patricia is first! OMG! That cover of "I'm Yours" is stunning! She's the best! Her voice is so seductive and messy that I love it! Thomas really loved it! That smile tells it ... She's in! She's the best! Props for this girl, she's the winner! (bong) Patricia sang "I'm Yours", one of my favorites. Blachman went: "Hm.......... (…) Amazing! I love you more and more".

Another favourite, Mia follows. Her voice is more powerful than Patricia's but not so quircky. Still she has something there! That makes me really love her! Thomas is being kind of a d***k tonight, right? She was amazing, and that's what matters! (bong) Next up was Mia with a Danish tune: "Strong Man" by Tina Dickow, a brilliant singer-songwriter from the same town as Mia (and me, incidentally). Blachman: "Very touching".

Maria is next! She's really wierd, in a good way! She's showing more character tonight! This is her best performance so far! Her voice sounds amazing and I see why she got here! They don't seem to love it as I did. Thomas is being disgusting! (bong) Maria told us she felt like a lion. And she told the judges that she has a lot of energy, feels the power. "You are top aggressive?" Blachman: "There is a lot there to consider". [Djuna Barnes: "She is a bit wierd". ]

Next is Ercan. Don't like him at all. His voice is good but I'll die if Thomas puts him through over some of the girls. He's not that good! A nice smooth voice in a horrible look! Hope he's cut! Praying actually! (bong) Barnes: "What do you think of that performance?" Ercan goes into clichées, which Blachman hates. [Blachman: "This was not his best performance. Ordinary." Djuna Barnes: "That is a silly song".]

Lastly comes Annelouise! She has to rock it ... She's doing it but Blachman is still being mean. The best tonight. She sang that song perfectly, really nailed it! Well! Thomas has a little smile now! It was about time! She's amazing! (bong) Blachman has told Annelouise that she will have to do something special to impress him — or else! The judges like her performance. [Barnes: "She is very good, Thomas". Blachman: "Things are turned on her head for me".] I must say, I still can't hear it, but then, the judges are there, and I am not.


So that's it! Now we just have to see who made it and whose dreams where crushed! Nerves will be really high now! My picks: Sarah, Ericka, Jean, DeeVibez, Michelle og Liva, Jakob og Rudi, Patricia, Annelouise and Mia/Maria, can't really pick between those too! As you've seen, my picks are still the same as last week, my favourites were consistenly good!

First group to know their fate are the Unders!  (bong) Cutfather: "I am looking for a contestant who has the whole package: Personality, voice, how they move, how I feel about them... " Cutfather and Bager discuss the individual contestants. "It's a competition. I would like to see someone go far in the X Factor." The first being Rasmus! Will Cutfather pick him? (bong) Cutfather: "You started well, but then there was some insecurity....(because Rasmus failed slightly in the first falsetto). But ... your journey ... in the X Factor competition is far from over yet".  Oh my! He did! Wasn't expecting this! Now one of my faves will got cut! NOOOOOO! Jean follows and after Rasmus being in the Top 9, I don't see Cutfather picking him despite Jean being great  (bong) Cutfather: "This morning you were not in my top 3, but you are the one who surprised me most today. You did very well. But ... I don't feel really great about this, but I have to say no"... and he isn't in. Bummer!! Babou comes in with his nervous face, he's about to vomit, and me too. Please cut him!!! Please!  (bong) Cutfather: "You have been very high on my list all the way. At super bootcamp you were nervous, and I thought today there would be a kind of deliverance. But there wasn't. You seem very closed, you are not letting anyone in. It's like you think a lot instead of just being yourself. You have a great voice. You need to work on being more extravert. And we will do that together, because you are in the live shows". NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! The Unders group will be the worst ever! It was hard to realize if he was in or if he was about to faint of dissapointment! Why Cutfather?! You are now the worst judge! Only two left, Ericka and Sarah! Anyone could be in ... Will it be masculine Sarah or cute Ericka? (bong) We have arrived at the tradition "A or B has to go"-drama. Ericka or Sarah. They drag it out for as long as they can. Ericka has to go home! Sarah, continues! This is without a doubt the biggest surprise of the day. I am very happy to see Sarah continue, as Ericka doesn't really give me much, but she is cute, she has been hyped, and she has a fan base. This will create some controversy. He just cut Ericka!!! Why?!! Well, after putting Babou through it was harder for her but she was great! Please Ericka, audition again next year! So Sarah is in! Oh, Lord! The Unders were a dissapointment! I only guessed one of 3!! We now see Sarah going back home and hugging her family and girlfriend, filler, blah, blah, blah. (bong) The program follows with a glimpse of Sarah's coming home to the family. Her mother has arranged that the whole family is together for the first time in an eternity; including her father, which she has been hoping for. A bit of a surprise, since her parents don't see eye to eye.

Now we are back with Pernille! All the contestants families are there and watching the decision on TV? Akward ... That sofa is a bit small ...  (bong) Pernille has to select three groups that can go all the way. Pernille: "They all did well today". Gammeltoft: "Yes. You would not be nervous about seeing any of them in the live shows". Pernille: "I am in doubt". (Apparently families and friends can follow the result directly in an adjacent room....) Jakob og Rudi are first, they must be in! (bong) JR (they changed their name) are the first. Pernille: "How did you think it went?" JR: "We have to take a chance, or else we will never improve". Pernille: "That is one of the things I consider: Where are we?. How much development is required?, can it be done?. You never had voice training. That makes me nervous. And I know what a strain these liveshows will be. And listen... I cannot live without you guys in the live shows". (triumph!) One of the guys asks: "So we are in the live shows. I just need to be clear about this". Yes!! Pernille made the right choice with them!! They are amazing! Troles og Lasse are in now and after Jakob og Rudi in, I doubt they'll be too  (bong) Troels and Lasse enter the room. Pernille: "You have been very cool" TogL: "But not anymore. We are nervous". Pernille. "Of course. I think you did very well today. But ... the trip ends here for you". ... and they are cut. They were too similar to JR and not so unique. Another good decision. Oh no!! Rikke og Trine are next, and they are surely in cause if not there won't be mystery in the last place! They'll bore all of us throughout the liveshows. (bong) Pernille tells Rikke og Trine: "You sing so well. But I need to be invited. And so much is understood with you. I need groups that can communicate with me and the audience, groups that want to share. (...) So we have a lot of work to do". Good choice Pernille, they show's rating are going down now!  Now only Michelle og Liva and DeeVibez remain. DeeVibez are surely in, they are better than MogL. Although I love them, they can't be in over DeeVibez! F**k RogT!! (bong) Pernille: "I look for charm and charisma. And control of your instrument. All of you are very good. (to DeeVibez) There are many ways to work in music. (other than X Factor, Pernille is teasing them.) (to Michelle og Liva) You sing so wonderfully. But dearest... I could not find room for you this time. (continuing to DeeVibez) - or you can just stay on in the X Factor show. And I think you should". DeeVibez are in! They'll definitely make the Top 5! MogL, please try again! PLEASE! You'll make it if they try one more time! SO I guessed two out of 3, which is a nice promedy! RogT will be swallowed by the competition!

Back again with the Overs and the last of the decisions! Thomas seems reasonable, so he must make the right decision! (bong) Blachman is annoyed that he has to collect a very incohesive crowd. "I cannot send in three girls, when two girls are a bit anonymous." It is hinted that he means Maria and Mia. Patricia is first and she must be in, if not I'll quit watching the show! (bong) Blachman: "It has been a long journey. I want someone who can go more than a few rounds. The question is whether we can make it in the available time. But there is no problem with you, because you are so finished as you are". YES!!! She's in!! I don't care about the other results cause she's amazing! Oh ... he called Maria, so I guess he has cut her!  (bong) Blachman gives Maria some feedback on her performance. Some things happened at the wrong moment, some things were just not cool enough. And then he wishes her good luck, thanks for coming, etc. Bummer! Another one who needs to try again next year! Well, at least Mia and Annelouise can be in now! Oh no!!! Why? Ercan follows and that probably means he's in ... Hate this decision!!!! Cut him ... Cut him!! (bong) Blachman: "Annoying choice of song. And I don't think you sang so well today. All that suffering, it's like you are nurturing it. But then I saw that maybe you are just acting that, trying to score some cheap points. And when I find out, it pisses me off . And I have to crack down on that. Of course you continue. And I have an image of how I think you can be". Ercan afterwards: "It is unrealistic. I cannot understand it". S**t!! The season will suck now!!!! Annelouise and Mia are the last in. This will be hard!! I would have choosen Annelouise but Mia is really amazing! I'm nervous ... Just show us who's in!!!!! They are showing both of them going to their houses but who's in? (bong) Annelouise? or Mia? Blachman to Mia: "Good choice of songs every time. Very robust. I did not get an image of how we could work together. And therefore I cannot let you continue". Blachman to Annelouise: "Lovely deep voice. I gave you a lot of chances... Ok. You continue". (They want us to think it's Mia, ergo it's Annelouise.)  Mia was cut!! Annelouise is in!! This is bittersweet! Poor Mia, she looks heartbroken! Please, please come back next year!  
(bong) How did my predictions turn out? Jean Michel, and Troels og Lasse had to go as I predicted. Most of my favorites (Ercan, Patricia, Babou, Jakob og Rudi) continued, only Michelle og Liva were sent home (this could be controversial). Sarah over Ericka, that is without a doubt the biggest surprise of today. Ericka would have gone far (get votes), but is she a brilliant singer? I don't know. She might be back next year. Overall, I think the judges chose wisely.

So that's it! We now know our final 9! I've ranked them as I expect them to do on the show, next week, me and bong we'll start giving them scores and at the end of the season I'll make a promedy of the scores from the liveshows and I'll compare them. But for now, who is your favourite? You can vote for it below!!!

Top 9:

  1. Patricia
  2. Annelouise
  3. DeeVibez
  4. Sarah
  5. Jakob og Rudi
  6. Rasmus
  7. Ercan
  8. Rikke og Trine
  9. Babou

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