I'm back once more with some amazing contestants on the dutch XF! Rating have gone up since the premiere, previous shows ranking #4 and #5 with 1.469.000 and 1.540.000 viewers respectively, so props for that!. This is just a recap of the highlights, meaning that contestants who weren't speciallly good are not going to be featured. All contestants posted here have moved on to bootcamp.

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

Caroline - She's spanish. Oh! Big voice! She hits many big notes, nobody was expecting such voice. I'm uncertain about her. She definitely has the voice but I'm doubty about her performing abilities. With some coaching, she could be good ...

Leslie - She enters with "Firework", don't know why. She sings "Ave Maria", really nice. She's got a nice tone and phrasing. Not the most unique voice I've heard but she's good, interesting vocals. I can see her doing really well in the liveshows.

Ramona - Nice diva vocals, big ones. Don't see her in the liveshows but she'll make it far, maybe judges houses. She's got a Whitney vibe, she's a good one.

Sway - They have loads of energy! I'd like them nearer on stage, so we could see all of them at the same time. Well, they do that later. The dancing is fun. Their vocals aren't the best, they need some improvement, they aren't the best at harmonizing but it can all get better. I'll give them a second chance.

Valentina - OMG!! She looked really uncomfortable but when she opened her mouth it was all greatness! Amazing tone and phrasing. Really like her voice. She scrwed some notes and Gordon make us all notice that, but she's got a beautiful voice. She nailed that acapella part! She's one of the best today.

Tom and Mitch - They are a cute boy duo. Yikes. Their voices are meh, not amazing, just decent. "Blond" guy has a better voice, nicer tone but I don't like this duo. They don't work well together, they sound offtune but tweens will love them, so they are in!

Dennis - Mmm ... He's a ... rocker? Looks wierd on stage, his head movements are cool! OMG! What a voice!! Wasn't expecting that! Sounds really grunge, metally but still rock. Amazing falsetto and he hit all the big notes! He's the best guy I've seen! Incredible!! Want more from him.

Daan - He's singing a Ronan Keating song. Not liking him, he's too boyband. His voice is ok but he's too cheesy, too cursi. It's a no from me. But judges seem to like his sweet voice, so he's in.

Karolina - She's from Poland. Oh my! She's my fave! Best for last! Raspy deep voice. She reminds me a lot to Lisa Lois. Crowd goes crazy, she's certainly amazing. Vocal trycs were crazy and her voice sounded really unique, she's really near the liveshows!

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