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Idol is at his hometown!! LA!! Lots of talent has come out from this glamorous city, which was added as a last minute addition due to the big attendance in other cities and to audition the MySpace singers. Will that be worthy?

Read the recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

As LA auditions were so disgustingly bad, they were easily the worst Idol episode in all its history, I refuse to recap such a waste of TV time! I'll, however, only post the contestants who advanced, which were 5 in 1 hour of show! 5!!! WORST EPISODE EVER!

Tim Halperin – 23 – Fort Worth, TX –  He's a MySpace auditioner. Has a crush on Jennifer!  He's really similar to previous winners, Lee, David and Kris! Producers must really want this guy out! He's got a nice tone and phrasing, very nice falsetto but he can't make it far this season for the shows sake! VIDEO HERE. (Top 40)

Karen Rodriquez – 21 – New York, NY –  Another MySpace auditioner! She wants to be the first latina American Idol, not much latina let me say ... She's got an incredible look, love those curls! Really nice voice, one of the best I've seen! Really, really good singer! VIDEO HERE. (Top 40)

Heidi Khzam – 23 – Agoura Hills, CA – She's a belly dancer! She does a dance for the judges! Steven and Randy really love it! They are stripping her with their eyes! She's a decent singer but not great. Her going through was more about that dance than for her singing ...  VIDEO HERE.

Mark Gutierrez – 28 – Redlands, CA and Aaron Gutierrez – 27 – Redlands, CA – They are brothers, look like twins ... They are cute but those scarfs are a bit unnecesary ... Good singers, nice harmonies. I don't see lots of star potential in them but they can really sing!  VIDEO HERE.
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