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YADi, whose name is Hannah Yadi, is a young english musician who was signed by Warner Bros. and supported Marina and the Diamonds this year. All this happened after the release of one of her demos, the amazing indie pop tune "Guillotine" which resambles Marina's own music and which got loads of hype around the web. This dark musician really impressed me, and also this poll voters, since the first second I listened to her. It makes me remember my initial reaction to Ellie Goulding or Marina, it's an instant love feeling.  Her voice is really powerfull and she does magic with it as seen in her demos. Despite her being one of my top acts here, I'm a little doubty that she'll actually get to release an album the coming year, her deal is too new and she seems the type who won't rush things, still, she's a great artist and definitely will be a star, either in 2011 or later, if not a black hole ...

Listen to "Guillotine" and "Russian Love" after the JUMP ...

Russian Love


Guillotine Live

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