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The reason why Chris Glover titled his musical project "Penguin Prision" is unknown. Maybe it was the result of a night of excesses or maybe it was his wierd mind. The truth is that we can't care less about the name. This New York musician and DJ is currently putting the final touches on his debut, due out February 2011 via Wall of Sound, while his single, "Golden Train" was released on November 19. Generally DJs are really terrible singers but Chris is an exception to that rule. His voice resambles Bruno Mars's but with an electro spin or even Erik Hassle's, who has a similar style. Remixing several known songs, such as Ellie Goulding's "Starry Eyed" and Marina's "Hollywood" have given this guy sort of a reputation and has garnered him a great fan base. His solo work consists of sweet catchy melodies, such as "Golden Train" which aren't exactly disco tunes but he has the potential to do that if he chooses to go down that route, however, I hope he doesn't, his music is really kewl as it's now. The question is, does the world want another electro singing DJ?

Listen and buy "Golden Train" and watch "Something I'm Not" after the JUMP ...

Golden Train

Buy "Golden Train" HERE.

Something I'm Not

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