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I remember when I first heard of Clare, like ten months ago, she had a real simple MySpace with one or two songs and not even a single photo of her, but as soon as I played them I instantely fell in love with her voice ... Ten months later and now Claire is the newst artist of Universal and is recording her debut album, apart from being one of the biggest promises of the british music scene and my favourite to win the Sound of 2011 poll! Her first single "Ain't Nobody" is a dark love tune which showcases the beautiful vocals of Clare. Moving in the vibe of the likes of Adele and Amy Winehouse, this little brit will certainly have a huge success, in the UK and overseas! And if it doesn't work, she can always have a carrer in modelling!

Watch the music video and buy "Ain't Nobody", plus a live video and listen to "Strangest Thing" after the JUMP ...

Buy "Ain't Nobody" HERE.

"Ain't Nobody" Live

Strangest Thing

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