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Jess Morgan didn't get her artistic name, Spark, because she's fierce or that b word, she's actually named Sparkle, well it's her middle name, which was a bit criminal from her parents, well, at least they gave her a cool name to record with. A 679 artist, the same label Marina and the Diamonds is signed to, Spark isn't the type of artist you expect to see everyday. She's got a retro vibe similar to Marina's but this is a stronger one. Plus her look is nowhere near the steriotypical artist's and that's what I love about her! Her extremly white skin and her bloody lips, if we aren't looking her beautiful black hair, make her a different type of beauty, an old look that is long forgotten. Plus she's got some Kimbra moves there! Her first single with 679, the catchy dark "Revolving" was released on November 12, being preceded by its music video on October 13. Spark is here to prove a point! That music isn't about the looks or the catchyness,(I'm looking at you Ke$ha), it's about the voice, and this girl certainly has the pipes! Will 679 find the same success as with Marina in Spark's debut? I know it will ...

Watch and buy "Revolving", plus 3 originals after the JUMP ...


Buy "Revolving" HERE.


Damage Done

Shut Out The Moon

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