You may be wondering who the hell is he!! Well, he was one boring contestant who auditioned for American Idol in it's 9th season and reached the Top 20. After this, he auditioned for Korean show, Superstar K2, where he reached the Top 2, losing out to Huh-Gak. Accordingly, he only auditioned for Idol as a preparation for Superstar. Don't buy that at all! If you still can't remember the kid, as it should happen, check his Superstar performance below, where he sang "Man in the Mirror", definitely the best performance I've seen of him. Coming as the runner-up has been certainly benefitial for John. His first single "I'm Your Man", has just premiered on YouTube and it's been getting great reviews. My opinion, well, it's definitely a good song, which showcases his beutiful jazzy tone, both in english as in korean. I don't know if I'll buy this but fans will certainly do!

Listen "I'm Your Man" and watch his performance at Superstar K2 after the JUMP ...

Superstar K2 Performance

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